Bestselling Massive-Verse Title C.O.W.L. Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary, REturns With New Miniseries C.O.W.L.: 1964

COWL-1964Bestselling C.O.W.L. by Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black), Alec Siegel (Hadrian’s Wall), and Rod Reis (New Mutants)—first launched in 2014—will officially become part of the Massive-Verse universe of superhero series alongside Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, No/One, and others, and will kick-off a new chapter this August from Image Comics. C.O.W.L.: 1964 will reunite the original creative team for a three-issue miniseries just in time for the series’ 10 year anniversary.

“I find it incredibly surreal to reunite with Kyle and Alec for more C.O.W.L. work after a decade,” said Reis. “Reflecting on the past 10 years, it’s evident how much our lives and careers have changed, and readers will see that reflected in the upcoming pages.”

Siegel added: “I’m excited to jump back into this world with Kyle and Rod after all this time. We’ve always felt like there was more story to tell and we’re eager for readers to dive in and see where their favorite characters are in 1964 and what new challenges they face.”

“Returning to C.O.W.L. is very special for me,” said Higgins. “The series’ origins date back to my college thesis film, The League, and before that to the short story I wrote that got me into film school. It’s something that’s been with both Alec and myself for a long time. When Alec, Rod and I started this book In 2014, the idea of building it to be a part of a something larger wasn’t something that we thought we would ever be able to do. Now, as we come back to finish the core story, we’ll also be setting the stage for the future of C.O.W.L. and in some ways, The Massive-Verse.”
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Revenge Leads to Chaos On A Global Stage In Upcoming Series “Standstill”

Standstill-comicsFan-favorite artist Andrew Robinson teams up with up-and-coming writer Lee Loughridge (colorist on Deadly Class, The Good Asian) for an all-new, revenge-drenched tale in the upcoming, Standstill. This eight issue miniseries is set to launch this August from Image Comics with an extra-length issue containing 60 double-page spreads of jaw-dropping artwork.

In Standstill, readers meet Ryker Ruel, an enigmatic, lecherous, and clinically insane sociopath who has stolen a top-secret device that can freeze time! Now, as the bodies of world leaders pile up, famous works of art go missing, and other strange crimes dominate the headlines, only the device’s creator, a run-of-the-mill science geek, knows what’s happening and sets out to stop Ryker’s seemingly endless revenge tour.

“Nearly nine years in the making, this is the longest sequential run for Andrew Robinson in well over a decade,” Loughridge. “This may just be his career best.”

Robinson added: “Lee writes with a rebellious, punk rock vigor that combines his classic, sardonic wit with epic action.”


Image Comics Titles Honored With 25 Eisner Award Nominations This Year

eisner-awardsThis year, the Eisner Award committee honors Image Comics talent with 25 total Eisner nominations—17 nominations and 8 shared nominations—making Image Comics the publisher with the most nominations for 2024.

Image weighed in with the most nominations in both the “Best New Series” and “Best Writer/Artist” categories out of all the publishers nominated and Kelly Thompson was the creator who snagged the most nominations this year to her name, with five total.

Below is the list of Image Eisner nominees, the full list of nominees can be found here.
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Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh Officially Join Ghost Machine On Exclusive Basis

Ghost-MachineColorist Brad Anderson and letterer Rob Leigh have officially joined the ranks of Ghost Machine’s exclusive creator roster published by Image Comics. Globally recognized as absolute masters of their craft, Anderson and Leigh have already been integral to Ghost Machine’s success since the company’s official launch at New York Comic-Con in October 2023.

Anderson and Leigh have joined fellow Ghost Machine co-owners and co-creators Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Snejbjerg, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut, who are all fully exclusive to Ghost Machine for their comic book work once projects already committed to have been completed.

“We are so lucky that the very best colorist and letterer working today have joined Ghost Machine. Brad and Rob bring exceptional talent and a wealth of experience to our team and their passion for the visual absolutely jumps off the page at each turn. Since the inception of the company Brad and Rob’s individual brilliance has been invaluable to everything we do, so we are thrilled to now officially make them 100% Ghosts,” said the creators in a joint statement. “Too often colorists and letters are overlooked in this business and not given the same equity considerations as other creators despite them being vital to the quality, consistency and longevity of the titles and characters they are a part of manifesting. We’re proud to continue to make new ground as creators and owners in this business we love but that needs to evolve.”
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San Diego Comic-Con Has Released Special Guest Lineup

comicconThis year’s SDCC is starting to heat up, and as the event approaches, the release of the special guests for this year has started. Here is the current list:

Charles Ardai: the Edgar Award–winning creator of the bestselling Gun Honey comics and co-creator of Hard Case Crime

Rodney Barnes: an award-winning writer, producer, and comic book creator, most recently an executive producer and writer for HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, chronicling the professional and personal lives of the 1980s Showtime Lakers.

Daniel Clowes: an acclaimed American cartoonist, illustrator, and screenwriter who gained fame with his comic book series Eightball, which was notable for its dark humor and commentary on modern culture.

Gerry Conway: is the co-creator of The Punisher, Firestorm, Power Girl, Man-Thing, Werewolf-by-Night, The Jackal, Killer Croc, Tombstone, Tarantula, Count Vertigo, Vibe, Vixen, Commander/Citizen Steel, and many other popular (and not so popular) characters for Marvel and DC Comics.

Naomi Novik: she has written the Scholomance trilogy, the novels Uprooted and Spinning Silver, and the Temeraire series.

Julia WertzL a cartoonist, urban explorer, and amateur historian. Her graphic novels include Museum of Mistakes, Drinking at the Movies, The Infinite Wait, Tenements, Towers, & Trash, and Impossible People

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Hellspawn Spawny Attends Comic Con In Todd McFarlane Productions’ Upcoming “Spawn Kills Every Spawn” This July

Spawn-Kills-Every-SpawnTodd McFarlane Productions and Image Comics will bring fan-favorite “Baby-Spawn” character ‘Spawny’ back to shelves in an action-packed, five-issue miniseries, Spawn Kills Every Spawn launching in July.

Written by John Layman (Chew) and illustrated by Rob “Sketchcraft” Duenas, with colors by Robert Nugent, this bold story brings a hilarious-yet-deadly twist to the world of Spawn.

In Spawn Kills Every Spawn, the character baby of ‘Spawny’ attends Spawn-Con, a convention filled with various Spawns from across the Spawn Universe. Unfortunately for Spawny, he discovers that he’s not even close to being the most popular Hellspawn. Instead, he’s the least liked among that group. To battle his identity crisis, Spawny decides to take drastic action: KILL THEM ALL! What follows is a darkly comedic, action-packed adventure that explores the insanity of a convention full of Hellspawn, and the lengths one very sensitive Spawn will go to in his quest to gain fame and recognition.
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“Strange Girl” Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary With Deluxe Hardcover Reprint Featuring Glorious New Cover Artwork By Eric Nguyen The December

strange-girl-coverThe complete, boundary-pushing, bestselling comic book series Strange Girl—by New York Times bestselling writer/creator Rick Remender (Napalm Lullaby, Deadly Class, LOW), alongside powerhouse artists Eric Nguyen (X-Men: First Class), Jerome Opeña (The Avengers, The Punisher, Seven to Eternity), and Peter Bergting (Frankenstein: New World)—will be brought back to print in one deluxe hardcover edition this December and join the Giant Generator line at Image Comics. This magnificent reprint will collect all 19 issues of the series, feature breathtaking new cover artwork by Nguyen, and hit shelves just in time to celebrate its 20 year anniversary.

A bare-knuckle, action-driven series, peppered with social commentary and dark humor, Remender’s critically acclaimed indie hit is a must read for fans of Preacher, Tank Girl, The Sandman, and Doctor Strange.

Set ten years after the Rapture, Strange Girl follows a fleeing occultist and her pet demon when they embark on a high-octane road trip toward the fabled remaining gateway into Heaven. Surviving long enough to get there is going to take grit and all the help she can get. Winning over God in order to finally escape Hell on Earth is going to take a miracle.
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“Robot Dreams”, Whimsical Oscar®-Nominated Animated Feature Opens May 31 at Film Forum

Robot-DreamsFilm Forum is set to present the US theatrical premiere of Pablo Berger’s “Robot Dreams”, a NEON release, on Friday, May 31.

A tender, affecting tale of friendship, the animated “Robot Dreams”, adapted from the graphic novel of the same name by Sara Varon – is set in a 1980s NYC populated solely by pigs, birds, cats, and other animal clans. Yet Dog leads a lonely existence, eating TV dinners in his East Village walkup.

When he sees an infomercial for a robot-building kit, he seizes the chance for the perfect city buddy: Dog and Robot eat hot dogs together on 5th Avenue, roller skate in Central Park, venture to Coney Island — to the groove of their song, Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.” But when Robot gets stranded at the beach, Dog is helpless to rescue him; and, as the seasons change, they both endure a separation that will change them forever.

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Kurt Busiek Teams With Fabian Nicieza and Stephen Mooney For New High-Stakes Sci-Fi Series Free Agents this July

FREE-AGENTSBestselling, Eisner Award winning writer Kurt Busiek (Astro City) teams up with self-proclaimed legendary and better-selling writer Fabian Nicieza (Deadpool) and fan-favorite artist Stephen Mooney (Half Past Danger) with colorist Triona Tree Farrell (Harley Quinn, Detective Comics), and letterer Tyler Smith of Comicraft for an all-new ongoing series in, Free Agents. This action-packed, giant-sized, bargain-priced debut will hit shelves from Image Comics in July.

Each issue will also feature a variant-cover character portrait by Kevin Maguire (Justice League), all well as variants by a host of comicdom’s greatest.

“It’s a superhero series with a twist,” said the devastatingly charming, modest and did-we-mention multiple Eisner and Harvey Award winning Busiek. “The Agents were done. They were retired, and had started building new lives, going to college, making themselves a place here on Earth. And then it all starts coming back.”
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Ghost Machine’s Redcoat #2 Sneak Peek Introduces… Albert Einstein?

Ghost-MachineThe Ghost Machine universe is heating up and Image Comics has presented the first look at Ghost Machine’s next issue of the critically acclaimed, Redcoat, by Geoff Johns, Bryan Hitch, Andrew Currie, Brad Anderson, and Rob Leigh.

Following the red-hot, sold out success of Redcoat #1, issue #2 picks up with Simon Pure hunted by a bloodthirsty cult. The immortal mercenary discovers his powers may have its limits and the former British soldier must accept help from a 12-year-old genius named Albert Einstein.

Ghost Machine’s groundbreaking creator collective was launched at New York Comic Con in October 2023 and features a global best-of-class lineup of artists and writers whose award-winning and iconic works include a who’s who of comic book legends such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Aquaman, Stargirl, JSA, The Flash, The Ultimates, Black Lightning, Green Arrow and countless more: Brad Anderson, Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Rob Leigh, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Snejbjerg, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut.
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