Stegman, Porter And Cannon Join Forces For Action Comedy “The Schlub”

Stegman-Porter-And-Cannon-Join-Forces-For-The-SchlubBestselling artist/writer Ryan Stegman (Vanish, Venom) and Superboy writer Kenny Porter team up with Beef Bros artist Tyrell Cannon, colorist Mike Spicer and letterer/designer John J. Hill for an action/comedy in the upcoming The Schlub. This all new ongoing series is set to launch in August from Image Comics.

The Schlub follows failing dentist Roger Dalton who blames the world for his problems… up until he is body-swapped with the world’s greatest superhero. Can Roger save Earth and finally prove to his family he’s not a loser? Or are we all doomed?

“A few years back I pitched Image a comic that I would write and draw about a Michael Scott/Kenny Powers type character if they became a superhero that the entire world relied on. It was approved and I had started work on it when Marvel came along and asked me to do a little book called Venom,” said Stegman. “I couldn’t say no, but I couldn’t shake this idea of the superhero that just can’t do the right thing. So I asked my buddies Kenny, Tyrell and John to help me make this book a reality and here we are! The greatest superhero comic book on the planet.”
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Tony S. Daniel Launches War-Torn Fantasy Epic “Edenwood” This September

Tony-S-Daniel-War-Torn-Fantasy-Epic-Edenwood-SeptemberBestselling writer/artist Tony S. Daniel (Nocterra, Batman, Deathstroke) will launch an all-new fantasy series titled Edenwood. This ongoing war-ravaged epic will feature coloring by Natália Marques (Rogue Sun) and debut in September from Image Comics.

Edenwood—An eons-long series of multiverse wars between demons and witches has found earth as its latest battleground. The battle pits Necronema, the demonic land which supplanted the Midwest twenty years ago, against Edenwood, the witchcraft controlled area of land that protects the rest of the U.S. In the first story arc of this ongoing series readers are introduced to Rion, a young man born during the apocalyptic events of southern Illinois, who is thrust into the role of hero and leader after killing a Gather, a transient demon with the powers to cross any barrier or dimension.

“Edenwood is a series three years in the making, one that I was beginning to craft right before Scott Snyder and I crossed paths in NYC and fate took me in another direction, co-creating Nocterra with one of comics’ finest writers,” said Daniel. “This series represents what I love most about comics: excitement, drama, big action, heroes we can relate to and fall in love with, and villains we’ll love to despise. This series is very high concept—yet its characters remain relatable and grounded in reality—all while we have an epic, large-scale battleground of demonic tanks, floating battleships and demon soldiers pitted against witchcraft-infused weaponry and armored soldiers. And away from all of the violent magic and mayhem between Edenwood and Necronema, we have the ‘Open Lands’ (the rest of the United States) where just as much evil is happening but in a quiet, deliberate way, to further the demon expansion. All of this is the backdrop for our hero, Rion, and his cast of fun and exciting demon hunters. So to say that I’m excited to be working on this new series would be one of the biggest understatements of my career!”

Summoned by the Witch War Council, Rion must assemble an elite team of demon hunters tasked with infiltrating Necronema with a list of targets to annihilate. The men and women he selects happen to all be the most famous and revered demon hunters of all time, dating back to the 1700s. But Rion has his sights set on a young and powerful witch being held prisoner deep within Necronema. The mission is one of search and destroy… however Rion feels he’s been chosen for more than that.
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The Untold Tales Of I Hate Fairyland Set For Release This July

The-Untold-Tales-Of-I-Hate-Fairyland-Set-For-Release-This-JulyEisner Award winning writer Skottie Young will bring Gert fans an all-new, five issue anthology of new Fairyland tales in the upcoming, The Unbelievable, Unfortunately Mostly Unreadable & Nearly Unpublishable Untold Tales of I Hate Fairyland. This verbosely titled miniseries will be written and drawn by a stellar lineup of contributing creators and land on shelves this July from Image Comics.

In this first issue, Young reunites with Bully Wars co-creator Aaron Conley to pit Gert against an uncouth barbarian in “Bruud the Brutal.” And in “Don’t Trust the P.I.G. in Apartment 23,” by Dean Rankine (Simpsons Comics, Invader Zim), Gert finds herself at the wrong end of a classic fairy tale.

“The only thing better than trying to create one of the longest titles in Comics,” said Young. “Is inviting friends like Dean Rankine, Aaron Conley, and others, to come and cause some trouble with Gert in the crazy world that is Fairyland!”
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Horror/Action Series: Purr Evil By Superstar Mirka Andolfo & Artist Laura Braga To Launch This July

Purr-Evil-By-Superstar-Mirka-Andolfo-&-Artist-Laura-Braga-To-Launch-This-JulyHarvey Award winning superstar Mirka Andolfo (known for her comics Unnatural, Mercy, and Sweet Paprika, alongside her work with DC and Marvel) and fan-favorite illustrator Laura Braga (artist of Harley Quinn, Future State: the Next Batman, and Witchblade) team up for the first time to bring Purr Evil to life.

Purr Evil will launch from Image Comics this July in the United States, and will be released simultaneously in Italy (Star Comics), France and Belgium (Dupuis), and Spain, Argentina, and Chile (Moztros).

Purr Evil is The Last of Us meets Hit-Girl and Léon: The Professional in a six-issue miniseries with high-adrenaline content, and is a new adventure comic produced by Arancia Studio, the Italian creative atelier which worked on Andolfo’s bestselling Image Comics titles and many successful books.

“I’m very excited to see this new comic come to life,” said Adolfo. “And, even more to have my friend Laura with me to work on such a great and fulfilling project, as well as Bryan Valenza, our colorist, Fabio Amelia, our letterer, and the whole team at Arancia Studio! I can’t wait to find out what the fans think of our new madness, and I’m enormously grateful to Image Comics and the other international partners for believing in our crazy project. We are sure fans will love it, too!”
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Otherwordly Sci-Fi Meets Hard-Boile Noir In Upcoming Miniseries Weird Work This July

Upcoming-Miniseries-Weird-Work-This-JulyLegendary British artist Shaky Kane (The Bulletproof Coffin) and writer Jordan Thomas (Frank at Home on the Farm) will introduce readers to the corrupt, seedy streets of Stellar City in the upcoming, Weird Work. This all-new, four-issue miniseries is set to launch this July from Image Comics.

After months of gang shootings, Weird Work follows Detective Ovra Sawce who is paired with a new partner on a triple homicide. But what were a billionaire’s assistant, a hood-turned-cult leader, and Sawce’s former partner doing in that warehouse?

“I always knew I was writing this series for Shaky,” said Thomas. “So I wanted to play to his strengths by filling the world with a cast of wild, almost psychedelic, characters, whilst also delivering a tough, taut, crime tale in the spirit of comics I love like Brubaker & Phillips’ Criminal and Darwyn Cooke’s Parker adaptations.”
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Marvel Comics Reveals New Details About Fall Of X At Megacon

Marvel-Comics-Reveals-New-Details-About-Fall-Of-X-At-MegaconJust now at the Marvel Comics: FALL OF X Panel at MegaCon Orlando, fans got fresh insights into the X-Men’s upcoming new era, FALL OF X. Senior Editor Jordan D. White was joined by a trio of acclaimed X-Men talent—writers Gerry Duggan and Benjamin Percy and artist Joshua Cassara—to chat about some of the new series, stories, and shakeups in this exciting era.

Since 2019’s revolutionary HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X series, mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity on the island nation Krakoa – but can it really last forever? It all begins in July’s shocking X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1 one-shot where danger, conspiracy, and sacrifice threatens to shatter everything mutantkind accomplished on Krakoa. Revealed earlier today and showcased at the panel was a brand-new FALL OF X teaser image by Bryan Hitch. The haunting image is accompanied by a list of FALL OF X tie-in titles, some of which have yet to be announced.

Below are additional upcoming titles and issues revealed at today’s panel:

Announced last month at Marvel Unlimited’s X-Men: 60 Uncanny Years Live Virtual Event, the devastating events of the Hellfire Gala and the tragic circumstances of FALL OF X calls for the return of the Avengers’ Unity Squad in a new run of UNCANNY AVENGERS written by Gerry Duggan and drawn by Javier Garrón! The new lineup will include Captain America, Rogue, Deadpool, Quicksilver, Psylocke, and Penance. This powerhouse new team must solve the mystery of who the new, murderous Captain Krakoa is — and stop his army of killers from igniting the fires of a new world war. Fans can check out the team on the newly revealed main cover of this highly-anticipated series!
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New Series “In Hell We Fight” Taps 16th Century Painter For Incentive Cover

in-hell-we-fight-comicsImage Comics is proud to announce the first comic work by noted 16th Century Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch, whose 1482 surrealist masterwork The Last Judgment will be featured as an incentive jam cover with regular series artist Jok.

An infernal adventure about three condemned kids who rescued a kidnapped angel and start an epic trek across the netherworld to return the angel to heaven, In Hell We Fight is written and lettered by multiple Eisner-award winner John Layman (Chew, Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum, Charlie’s Angels) with art by Argentinian superstar artist Jok, making his Image Comics debut with this exciting new series.

“I’ve been very fortunate that a spectacular assortment of fantastically talented artists have graced the covers of my books over the years,” said Layman in his husky baritone. “And that includes Christian Ward, Dustin Nguyen, and Ben Templesmith on the first three issues of In Hell We Fight. But I’ve never been more thrilled than to work with one of my all-time favorite Dutch Renaissance painters, and I’m equally sure that if Bosch was alive today, he’d be equally ecstatic to be featured on the cover of the first issue of my new Image series.”
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Top Cow Launches “Haunt You To the End” New Horror Series

Haunt You To the End New Horror SeriesTop Cow Productions, Inc., the company behind The Darkness and Cyberforce, reunites Infinite Dark team Ryan Cady (Batman: Urban Legends, Green Lantern) and Andrea Mutti (Batman Eternal, Port of Earth) to develop a new sci-fi, horror series, Haunt You to the End, which debuts on June 14.

“This five-issue journey will intrigue even the greatest paranormal skeptics like myself,” said Matt Hawkins, Top Cow President.

Cady added: “Andrea Mutti and I have been dying to work together again for a few years now, and when this idea popped into my head, everything was already in his style: moody, washed out watercolors and appropriately dreary scenes of doom and gloom.”
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New Tales Of Syzpense Series Set To Bring Twin Tales To Life This June

New Tales Of Syzpense SeriesThe split-book revival is under way at Syzygy! Beginning in June, Tales Of Syzpense will present two titanic, 12-page tales of shock and awe, plus additional bonus material, published by Image Comics.

Up first—courtesy of Lore co-creators T.P. Louise and Ashley Wood—the lead-off mystery of “Les Mort 13” plays out on the surreal and mysterious island of Southport after a run-in with Eris, the goddess of strife…

Next, Chris Ryall and Nelson Daniel will present readers with the story “Dreamweaver,” about an aging adventurer with a mystical secret who looks to pass on his abilities to the next generation of hero… until they have much greater success than he did, and he decides he wants those abilities back at any cost.

Each issue will also feature two “Les Mort 13” covers by Wood, a “Dreamweaver” cover by Daniel, and a Syzpenseful tribute cover to famous split books of the past.

“Tales of Syzpense features two characters who Ash and I have long been developing in parallel ways without discussing them with each other—in fact, both lead characters coincidentally use swagger sticks and wear cloaks—so it made sense to present their initial adventures in the split-book format we love,” said Ryall. “And Tales of Syzpense gives us a nice outlet to tell both these stories, as well as carve out space for other creators to feature their own characters here as well.”
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Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta’s Phantom Road Premier Issue Rushed Back To Print

Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta Phantom Road Premier IssueHot new series Phantom Road—by Sentient creative team Jeff Lemire (The Bone Orchard Mythos, Little Monsters) and Gabriel Hernández Walta (The Vision, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: Old Man Whittier)—is burning up the pavement with the first issue already wiped out completely at the distributor level and reorders escalating by the minute. Image Comics is fast-tracing the debut issue back to print this week in order to keep up with the breakneck speed of buzz for this wildly popular new title. This reprint will land on shelves same day as Phantom Road #2—just in time for customers eager to jump on board for the ride.

In an early exclusive reveal of the series, Forbes described the sizzling new grindhouse thriller as: “What do you get when you cross Stephen King’s The Langoliers with John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China? You’d probably get something close to Phantom Road.”

CBR called the new series, “a masterful use of setting, subtle incorporation of genre elements and tasteful exploration of the uncanny” while declared that it: “absolutely lives up to the hype.”
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