Red 5 Comics Released First Look At “Blood & Fire”

first-look-blood-and-fireRed 5 Comics has released a first look at Blood & Fire #1, which is set to hit stores in May 2024 and will appear for pre-order in the March 2024 Previews Catalog.

Set in 16th Century Japan when the country was in chaos. After centuries of rule, the central government has lost control, plunging Japan into a bloody civil war. Anarchy reigns as warlords seek power and territory.

After the death of Lord Ishida after many months of illness, his brother Nobutaka is next to rule. But the youngest brother, Kiyotane, is not content to sit on the sidelines. Assaulting Castle Ishida in a surprise attack, Kiyotane has taken power, but he has not counted on a lone, loyal samurai surviving. And supernatural forces fuel his quest for justice and honor.

Blood & Fire is written by Aaron Wroblewski, drawn by Ezequiel Rubio Lancho, and lettered by Es Kay. The series is three issues.