King Spawn Scribe Sean Lewis Teams With Artist Jonathan Marks Barravecchia To Launch Bear Pirate Viking Queen Miniseries This May

Bear-Pirate-Viking-Queen-Miniseries-This-MayBestselling writer Sean Lewis (King Spawn, Thumbs) teams with fan-favorite artist Jonathan Marks Barravecchia for a blood-splattered story of conquest in the forthcoming, Bear Pirate Viking Queen. This three issue miniseries is set to launch in May from Image Comics.

Bears. Pirates. Vikings. And Queens—all battling for their claim to determine what the world will become. Bear Pirate Viking Queen is a gorgeous, high fantasy story about the blood spilled to make countries. With 72 pages rendered in stunning watercolor artwork, this new comic book series is sure to be one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking books of the year.

“I always wanted to make something that hit me like From Hell the first time I read it,” said Lewis. “Something with historical scope, something with a really uncompromised visual beauty, and something that felt BIG. Jonathan’s work is incredible. The story is one I am incredibly proud of. We are shooting for ‘canon’ with this one.”

Barravecchia added: “Bear Pirate Viking Queen has been a true collaboration, and unlike any other project I’ve worked on in the past. It’s been fascinating to go back and forth with Sean, and truly impressive—even to me—that a meeting over drinks listing random ‘cool’ things to draw could turn into such an epic and poetic story. I’m so excited to share this book!”
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Red 5 Comics Released First Look At “Blood & Fire”

first-look-blood-and-fireRed 5 Comics has released a first look at Blood & Fire #1, which is set to hit stores in May 2024 and will appear for pre-order in the March 2024 Previews Catalog.

Set in 16th Century Japan when the country was in chaos. After centuries of rule, the central government has lost control, plunging Japan into a bloody civil war. Anarchy reigns as warlords seek power and territory.

After the death of Lord Ishida after many months of illness, his brother Nobutaka is next to rule. But the youngest brother, Kiyotane, is not content to sit on the sidelines. Assaulting Castle Ishida in a surprise attack, Kiyotane has taken power, but he has not counted on a lone, loyal samurai surviving. And supernatural forces fuel his quest for justice and honor.

Blood & Fire is written by Aaron Wroblewski, drawn by Ezequiel Rubio Lancho, and lettered by Es Kay. The series is three issues.


St. Mercy: Godland Leaps Into A New Era Of Obsession – The Gods Of The Golden Age Of Hollywood

St-Mercy--GodlandTop Cow Productions, Inc. is set to partner with EP1T0ME Studios, Inc. once again for the forthcoming St. Mercy: Godland, to be published by Image Comics. In this new, four-issue installment of the hit action/adventure comic book series—by writer John Zuur Platten (Jurassic World: Evolution, Wanted: Weapons of Fate) and artist Atilio Rojo (Cyber Force, A.R.C.) with lettering by Troy Peteri—Mercy will be catapulted from the dangers of the Incan Empire and the American West into the ruthless, golden era of 1930s Hollywood.

“No matter where Mercy goes or what era she’s in, she can’t escape her curse,” said Platten. “In Godland, while the setting shifts from the Wild West to what was then called Hollywoodland, Mercy’s unwanted duty remains the same—protect the Incan gold, death be damned.”

Rojo added: “Mercy is relentless; we cannot wait for readers to reunite with her, to see our version of 1930s Hollywood, to meet the new cast from that era, and to experience the wild action scenes.”

“Mercy’s journey feels unique and unexpected,” said Lee Thomas, Creative Director at EP1T0ME. “[It] reminds us of the eclectic journeys of Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark or Quantum Leap’s Sam Beckett.”
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Ghost Machine Welcomes Peter Snejbjerg

Ghost-Machine-Welcomes-Peter-SnejbjergDanish comic book artist Peter Snejbjerg is the latest artist to join Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut at Ghost Machine, the recently launched, groundbreaking media company and the line of comics, published by Image Comics, co-owned and co-operated by all of its creators. The addition of Snejbjerg comes on the heels of last week’s major announcement that Brazilian superstar artist Ivan Reis had also joined the collective.

In his long and varied career, Snejbjerg has established himself as a prolific artist for DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint working with bestselling writers such as Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis, before moving on to DC Universe titles like Starman and JSA, and horror titles including the Hellboy-spinoff, BPRD for Dark Horse. He also illustrated a number of children’s books showcasing his trademark blend of dark humor and horror.

At Ghost Machine, Snejbjerg will reteam with Peter J. Tomasi—the duo had previously created DC Comics’ supernatural war story The Light Brigade—on Hornsby & Halo, part of Ghost Machine’s Family Odyssey universe. In Hornsby & Halo, nothing less than peace between Heaven and Hell is at stake, as demon daughter Rose Hornsby and angel son Zach Halo are at the center of a cosmic family swap. It’s Nature versus Nurture, as the age-old battle of Good and Evil is as simple as who speaks louder: the angel on Rose’s shoulder, or the demon trying to crack Zach’s halo. Teenage hormones have never been more epic.

“We are delighted and proud to welcome Peter into our growing Ghost Machine family. Peter brings a unique sensibility and style to all his art, and will no doubt enrich the quality we strive for in delivering the best books on the stands,” said the Ghost Machine creators in a statement.
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Marvel’s Stormbreakers Celebrate 20 Years Of The Young Guns/Stormbreakers Program In New Variant Covers

2024 will mark 20 years of Marvel Comics spotlighting and elevating the industry’s most powerful artists as Marvel’s Stormbreakers, the evolution of the groundbreaking Marvel’s Young Guns program.

To celebrate, the current class will pay tribute to the original class of Young Guns in January’s collection of STORMBREAKERS VARIANT COVERS.

Throughout January, the elite artists will depict some of Marvel’s current headlining stars in separate pinup pieces that will unite to form an epic jam piece just like the one the first Young Guns crafted in 2004. While January’s covers will feature the individual characters, fans can also check out the complete jam piece today.

Each month, Marvel’s Stormbreakers bring their incredible talents to your favorite comic series and characters and flex their skills with exciting themed variant cover collections.

The current group of artists includes Elena Casagrande, Nic Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martín Cóccolo,Lucas Werneck, Federico Vicentini, and C.F. Villa. Each of these artists embody the raw talent and creative potential to shatter the limits of visual storytelling in comics today.

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New Wave Of Walking Dead Team-Up Variants Revealed Of The 37 Total Hitting Shelves Next Month

walking-dead-image-comicsImage Comics reveals another eye-popping set of the highly anticipated team-up variants for the much buzzed about line of covers celebrating Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead 20 year anniversary.

This round of covers includes none other than: Gabriel H. Walta, Jeff Lemire & Jose Villarrubia (on Phantom Road #6), Rafael Albuquerque (on Creepshow #2), Conor Hughes (on Void Rivals #5), Andre Bressan & Adriano Lucas (on Firepower #28), Szymon Kudranski (on Something Epic #6), Roberto Meli (on Purr Evil #4), and James Harren (on The Sacrificers #3).

The Walking Dead first launched in 2003 from Image Comics and garnered critical acclaim and an escalating sales track-record before Hollywood picked up the hot IP and the series was adapted from TV by AMC in 2010. It was also in 2010 that Kirkman teamed up with David Alpert to launch the multiplatform entertainment company, Skybound Entertainment, which would expand his—and others’—IP beyond comics into other mediums. The Walking Dead has since gone on to become a pop culture phenomenon inspiring everything from hit video games, novelizations, merchandise, and a multitude of multimedia spin-offs across the walker universe. The series has sold over 45 million copies across multiple formats and has been translated into 21 languages globally.

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The Iron Giant Meets Mad Max: Fury Road In Upcoming Sci-Fi Series “Patrol Head” This November

Bestselling writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and superstar artist Pye Parr (2000 AD) team up for a pedal-to-the-metal, action-packed sci-fi series in the upcoming Petrol Head. First announced exclusively at, this all-new ongoing series is set to hit the pavement this November from Image Comics.

In a climate crisis-ravaged future metropolis, an old, grumpy, obsolete, smoke-belching, cigar-chomping, hotrod-racing robot is one 12-year-old girl’s only hope. Together, can they outrace the chasing Robo-Cops with an invention that might just save humanity? Readers will jump straight into the non-human race with this robo-gorgeous launch issue featuring 42 story pages.

“Petrol Head is that rare thing in comics—art that feels like it’s actually moving on the page,” said Williams. “Pye’s racing sequences have this kinetic, Akira-like energy and he draws the best robots, and cars, and robots driving cars. We both come from a 2000AD background and we wanted to bring that same punky, funny edge to what is basically a heartfelt story about one smart little girl who may just be able to save the whole human race from a climate emergency, but she has to team up with a grumpy, obsolete hotrod-racing robot to do it.”
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D.G. Chichester Puts Matt Murdock Back In Black In Daredevil: Black Armor

Announced last month at San Diego Comic-Con, fans will get a chance to return to Matt Murdock’s armored up ‘90s days in Daredevil: Black Armor. Written by D.G. Chichester and drawn by rising star artist Netho Diaz and JP Mayer, the four-issue limited series will take place during Chichester’s beloved run on the title. Remembered for epic storylines like “Last Rites” and “Fall From Grace,” Chichester’s run reintroduced Elektra to the Marvel Universe and suited up Matt Murdock in a sleek new armored costume. Now, witness a never-before-seen chapter of Daredevil that adds new depth and mystery to this fan-favorite era.

When civilians, heroes, and villains alike are disappearing into the dark depths of Hell’s Kitchen underground, Matt Murdock will need to push his extraordinary senses and his armored suit beyond their limits to find out who’s responsible. Throughout the saga, Daredevil will be pitted against a who’s who of Marvel’s deadliest villains including Hobgoblin, Sabretooth and more—all building towards an explosive confrontation with the mysterious evil that’s pulling all the strings! Matt’s armor will have to work overtime as the series delivers nonstop intense action and brutal fighting in extreme 90s’ fashion!

“If someone told me earlier that I’d have another chance to put on Daredevil’s horns (let alone horns attached to a suit of black armor) I’d have thought they’d taken one too many whacks to the head with a billy club. But apparently my passport to Hell’s Kitchen still works just fine!” Chichester said. “It’s an unexpected (but welcome!) thrill to visit Matt Murdock’s neighborhood again, and to work with Marvel on going back in time to discover a new adventure for the man without fear.

“The Daredevil office has been incredibly encouraging in taking some wild swings with this series,” Chichester continued. “Returning to Matt and Daredevil and that costume where I left them — as the writer I am now — has been an amazing experience. It’s knowing how to jump off a rooftop — but accepting the challenge that you don’t always know where you’re going to land. I hope fans of my Fall From Grace and Fall of the Kingpin stories find more to enjoy in my take on hyper senses and heightened action — especially seen in an entirely new way thanks to the dynamite art and visual storytelling of Netho Diaz and JP Mayer.”


Greg Capullo’s Grand Return To Marvel And More Exciting Announcements From San Diego Comic-Con’s Retailer Launch

Just now at San Diego Comic-Con, retailers attended an exclusive lunch hosted by Diamond Comics where they got the inside scoop from Marvel’s VP of Print & Digital Publishing David Gabriel and Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski! Amidst exciting announcements for new titles, collections, and variant covers, retailers were the first to learn that industry legend Greg Capullo will make his long-heralded return to Marvel Comics later this year.

Capullo, an artist who catapulted to stardom after his acclaimed work on X-Force in the 90s and numerous impactful runs across the comic book world, is back at Marvel for the first time in decades. Marvel Comics is proud to welcome Capullo back into the fold, and right now, fans can check out his first new work for the Marvel mythos: an explosive variant cover for WOLVERINE #37! Previously listed as a top secret classified variant cover, the cover will hit stands on September 20. Preorder it at your local comic shop today.

Capullo will also provide a glorious and action-packed cover for a special one-shot this November, DEADPOOL: SEVEN SLAUGHTERS #1. Witness seven kills in seven days as fan-favorite Deadpool creators past and future, including co-creator Rob Liefeld, Gail Simone, Cullen Bunn and more, welcome readers to a week in the life of Wade Wilson, the best mercenary Marvel’s ever had (just ask him)! From facing off with an all-new rival killer to top secret assassinations to multiverse shenanigans, Deadpool has a lot of work to do in this blood-soaked oversized collection of seven stories as Deadpool takes one thrilling mission after the next.
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Junk Rabbit Sticks Landing With A Surprise Bodé Variant Cover

Fan favorite Bomb Queen creator Jimmie Robinson’s Junk Rabbit series finale issue will feature a special, secret variant by indie artist icon Mark Bodé. The surprise copies of this secret variant will arrive to retailers in their shipment of issue #5 orders.

Bodé is a world renowned muralist in the tradition of his late father, underground comix pioneer, Vaughn Bodé, and rose to prominence in the comics scene in his own right. He has also contributed to Heavy Metal magazine and the popular The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Bodé is a longtime friend of Robinson’s and this cover marks his first Image contribution.

In Junk Rabbit #5, the Rabbit’s life hinges on a desperate do-or-die plot by an unlikely duo using trashed ancient technology. Will it be enough to save the Rabbit, or will other sacrifices have to be made?

Junk Rabbit #5 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, August 2:
Cover A by Robinson (Diamond Code JUN230324)
Cover B by Valentino & Robinson (Diamond Code JUN230325)
Cover C by Robinson (Diamond Code JUN230326)
Cover D by Bodé
Junk Rabbit #5 will also be available across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.

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