“From Black”: Thomas Marchese’s Horror Film Begins Streaming On Shudder This Week

From-Black-Thomas-Marchese-Horror-Shudder-This-WeekThe film follows a young mother, crushed by guilt after the disappearance of her young son 5 years previously, is presented with a bizarre offer to learn the truth and set things right. But how far is she willing to go, and is she willing to pay the terrifying price for a chance to hold her boy again?

Anna Camp (True Blood, Pitch Perfect) stars. Director Thomas Marchese is a multi-award-winning writer/director who has directed, shot, edited and produced music videos, short form narrative and documentary films.

Thomas’ first feature film “Fallen “took home the jury prize for Best documentary Feature at the 2017 Hollywood Film Festival. The film secured theatrical distribution prior to its world premiere, and was subsequently picked up by Netflix. Thomas is currently in post-production on the horror film FROM BLACK and in prep on the police procedural INNOCENT.

Here is the film’s officiaal trailer:


Dark Sky Films Brings “The Third Saturday In October Part V and Part I” to Digital and VOD May 5th

Dark-Sky-Films-Brings-The-Third-Saturday-In-October-Part-V-and-Part-IWhat if a lost horror franchise made during the peak of the slasher genre was unearthed today, but only two of the films could be restored? Filmmaker Jay Burleson imagined just that with “The Third Saturday In October: Part V” and “The Third Saturday in October: Part I” coming to VOD + Digital Platforms May 5th from Dark Sky Films.

A double feature of terror, “The Third Saturday In October: Part V” sees unstoppable killer Jakkariah Harding once again stalking and butchering the football-loving residents of a small Alabama town, this time finding a treasure trove of victims after he chances upon a football watch party. And then get ready to see how the horror began in “The Third Saturday in October: Part I”, which tells the story of Harding’s death row escape and ensuing slaughter as two survivors of his initial attack hunt him down.

Aiming to recreate the by-gone video store days when horror fans might have had to watch a franchise out of order, the filmmakers intended for viewers to start with Part V and then go back to Part 1.

Twice the scares, twice the laughs, and a world-building start of a franchise that’s as outlandishly clever in its deception as every gore set piece it throws on screen, “The Third Saturday in October” films are a red-blooded American slice of southern gothic infused with a deliciously twisted sense of humor.


Gruesome Final New Trailer From Horror Film “Evil Dead Rise”

Final-New-Trailer-Evil-Dead-RiseMoving the action out of the woods and into the city, “Evil Dead Rise” tells a twisted tale of two estranged sisters, played by Sutherland and Sullivan, whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable.

“Evil Dead Rise” is the fifth installment in the Evil Dead franchise.

Directed by Lee Cronin, the film stars Alyssa Sutherland, Lily Sullivan, Gabrielle Echols, Morgan Davies, Nell Fisher, and Mia Challis.

“Evil Dead Rise” is set to be released by Warner Bros. Pictures on April 21, 2023.


Top Cow Launches “Haunt You To the End” New Horror Series

Haunt You To the End New Horror SeriesTop Cow Productions, Inc., the company behind The Darkness and Cyberforce, reunites Infinite Dark team Ryan Cady (Batman: Urban Legends, Green Lantern) and Andrea Mutti (Batman Eternal, Port of Earth) to develop a new sci-fi, horror series, Haunt You to the End, which debuts on June 14.

“This five-issue journey will intrigue even the greatest paranormal skeptics like myself,” said Matt Hawkins, Top Cow President.

Cady added: “Andrea Mutti and I have been dying to work together again for a few years now, and when this idea popped into my head, everything was already in his style: moody, washed out watercolors and appropriately dreary scenes of doom and gloom.”
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Official Teaser For “Amityville: An Origin Story” Released

Official Teaser For Amityville An Origin Story ReleasedThe series is set to premiere on April 23 at 10 pm ET/PT on MGM+. The four-part horror documentary series premieres after Season 2 of FROM for a full night of horror programming.

“Amityville: An Origin Story” tells the story behind the world’s most infamous haunted house tale: the Amityville murders. The project is the first elevated look at every aspect of this wildly layered story about the heinous murder of a family of six that became eclipsed by paranormal controversy. 

The 1979 blockbuster film, The Amityville Horror, inspired by the book of the same title by Jay Anson spawned an ever-expanding universe of movies, books, supernatural theories, and horror superfans. But the mass murder behind the hauntings—and its alleged ties to organized crime—left a long trail of questions that have never been fully explored. 

Rooted in the dark cultural undercurrents of the 1970s, the series features firsthand accounts from witnesses, family members, and former investigators appearing on-camera for the first time. Exclusive archival footage, newly unearthed images, and stunning original photography are woven together into the most compelling and comprehensive telling of the Amityville story yet, taking viewers on a heart-pounding roller coaster ride through the mythology, factual record, and devastating human toll of this notorious meta-narrative. 


The Makers of “Sharknado” Brings “Methgator”

MethgatorIn the tradition of the season’s surprise hit “Cocaine Bear”, comes a new film that’s similarly going viral: “Methgator”.

“Hold our bear…I mean, beer. Coming for your life this summer,” as posted from the official twitter page of The Asylum, the film studio behind the film.

In a 2019 news bulletin, police warned residents to refrain from flushing methamphetamine down the toilet to prevent “meth-gators.” Down in Sweet Water Point, Florida, they didn’t listen.

Starring Robbie Rist (Oliver from The Brady Bunch) and Patrick Labyorteaux (Little House on the Prairie), the recently recently wrapped production in the swamps of Florida, “Methgator” is set to be released this summer.

From the creators of “Sharknado”, The Asylum has long been known for their mockbusters. This year, the company kicked off their 25th Anniversary by throwing a private party on the Santa Monica Pier, attracting thousands of industry VIPs… and also a full power outage.


Trailer For “The Pope’s Exorcist” Sees Russell Crowe Confronting Demons

Trailer For The Pope’s Exorcist Sees Russell CroweThe film is a portrayal of a real-life figure Father Gabriele Amorth, a priest who acted as chief exorcist of the Vatican and who performed more than 100,000 exorcisms in his lifetime. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 91.

Along with Crowe, the horror thriller stars Alex Essoe, Franco Nero, Laurel Marsden, Daniel Zovatto, Cornell John, Bianca Bardoe

The film is directed by Julius Avery, from the screenplay by Michael Petroni and Evan Spiliotopoulos.

Sony Pictures Releasing is set to release “The Pope’s Exorcist” on April 14, 2023.

Amorth wrote two memoirs, An Exorcist Tells His Story and An Exorcist: More Stories, and detailed his experiences battling Satan and demons that had clutched people in their evil.


New Trailer For “Living With Chucky” Released

New Trailer For Living With Chucky ReleasedA new trailer for the Child’s Play franchise documentary has been released.

The film is an official selection on Popcorn Frights Film Festival 2022, Fantastic Fest 2022, and Screamfest Horror Film Festival 2022.

Living with Chucky takes an in depth look at the groundbreaking Child’s Play franchise from the perspective of a filmmaker who grew up within it. Featuring interviews with cast and crew such as Brad Dourif, Jennifer Tilly, Alex Vincent, creator Don Mancini, and much more, this personal film recounts the dedication, creativity and sacrifice that went into making the franchise and its long-lasting impact on the horror community.

Storming into pop culture in the late 1980s, the three-foot menace known as Chucky, proved that Child’s Play was anything but. The horror film went on to spawn six sequels, a television series, a reboot, comic books, a video game and merchandise.

Written and directed by Kyra Elise Gardner, daughter of legendary special effects artist Tony Gardner, Living With Chucky looks back at the groundbreaking horror franchise by those there from the beginning. The documentary details the history of the Child’s Play films by the cast and crew, in addition to Gardner’s own relationship with the series and the impact it had on her family. Gardner, who grew up alongside Chucky the killer doll, seeks out other families involved with the Child’s Play films as they recount their experiences working on the franchise and what it means to be a part of the “Chucky” family.

“Living With Chucky” is set for release on VOD on April 4.


XYZ Films Brings “Sound Of Silence: to Digital + on VOD March 9

Sound Of Silence to Digital on VOD March 9Written and directed by Alessandro Antonaci, Stefano Mandalà, Daniel Lascar, horror film “Sound of Silence” is set to be released on VOD and digital on March 9 by XYZ Films.

The film stars Penelope Sangiorgi, Rocco Marazzita (You Die, TV’s Jack Stall Dead), Lucia Caporaso (Baggage Red), Daniele De Martino (House of Gucci), Chiara Casolari, Peter Stephen Wolmarans, Alessandra Pizzullo (At War with Love).

The stylish haunted house film is a high-concept take in the vein of James Wan’s The Conjuring and Mike Flanagan’s Oculus. Here is the film’s official synopsis:
When her father is gravely injured, Emma returns to her family home in Italy. Alone in the house while her father recovers, she encounters a haunted radio – and the evil entity behind it. With the supernatural force growing stronger by the hour, Emma must reveal the dark secret behind the radio’s curse to survive the night.


Creepy New Thriller “Disquiet”: New Trailer with Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Creepy New Thriller DisquietAfter a near-fatal car accident, Sam (Meyers) wakes to discover he is trapped in an abandoned hospital by mysterious and sinister forces that have no intention of letting him leave.

That is the premise for the upcoming horror thriller “Disquiet” and Paramount has just released the creepy and disturbing new trailer for the film.

“Disquiet” is written and directed by Michael Winnick, and stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers ( (Vikings, The Tudors) with co-stars Rachelle Goulding, Elyse Levesque, Lochlyn Munro, Garry Chalk, Trezzo Mahoro, Anita Brown, and Bradley Stryker.

“Disquiet” is set for released in digital, on demand, and in select theaters on February 10, 2023.

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