“Faceless After Dark” Official Trailer And Poster Art Released

FACELESS-AFTER-DARKThe latest from Dark Sky Films is directed by Raymond Wood. It is written and starring Jenna Kanell from the Terrifier franchise and Todd Jacobs.

“Faceless After Dark” is set for release nationwide in select theaters and on digital platforms on May 17th.

Also in the film are Danny Kang (Insatiable, NCIS Hawai’i), Danielle Lyn (Mayfair Witches, Single Drunk Female), Max Calder (Stranger Things,Jungle Cruise), Michael Aaron Milligan (TV’s Outer Banks, TV’s The Purge), Kathrine Barnes (Average Joe, Queer as Folk), Jason MacDonald (The Vampire Diaries, NCIS), Israel Vaughn (The Righteous Gemstones).

Here’s the official synopsis:

Following her breakout success as the star of a killer clown horror flick, Bowie now finds herself struggling to capitalize on its success. But when she is suddenly held hostage by an unhinged fan posing as that same killer clown, horror becomes her reality as she fights to survive the night and escape before he completes his sinister plan to recreate the film’s fatal plot.


Japan Society Announces May Screening Events: Sans Soleil, Lumberjack the Monster, and Tampopo

tampopo-janus-filmsJapan Society, a 116-year-old nonprofit organization bridging the U.S. and Japan, today announced it will host three special screenings in May spanning classic Japanese cinema, a lauded documentary, and a major North American premiere. Japan Society is a storied institution that has presented Japanese art and culture for over a century, and its robust Film Program presents over 60 screenings from the silent era through to contemporary cinema all across the year.

Japan Society’s May events begin on May 1 with French filmmaker Chris Marker’s influential 1983 documentary Sans Soleil presented on rare imported 35mm. Driven by the desire to “capture life in the process of becoming history,” Marker traveled the globe and made a sprawling body of work that ruminates on the nature of memory and time. Of the several films he made in Japan, Sans Soleil remains the late director’s greatest achievement.

An unnamed woman narrates the poetic letters and philosophical reflections of an invisible world traveler accompanied by footage of Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Iceland, Paris, San Francisco, and, most significantly, Tokyo—a city whose people, streets, malls, and temples inspire the traveler’s richest observations.
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Sloan Science in Cinema Initiative Spotlights Three SFFILM Festival Titles

SFFILM-2024Today, SFFILM announced the program slate of the Sloan Science in Cinema Initiative at the 67th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM Festival) which runs April 24–28. Presented in partnership between the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and SFFILM, this year’s programs include three films and participation by Sloan Fellows and grant recipients at events throughout the Festival. 

“We are thrilled to partner with SFFILM on our continuing Science in Cinema initiatives,” said Doron Weber, Vice President and Program Director at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. “This year’s program features three original films, each of which recounts a very personal journey that links to broader scientific themes and addresses universal questions. We’ll be joined on the ground by the 2023 SFFILM Sloan Science in Cinema Fellows, and recipients of our Stories of Science Development Fund grantees who are all at the screenwriting phase of filmmaking. I am excited to have filmmakers from every part of the process together to benefit from each other and from audience interaction.”

Curated programs include three titles, selected by Jessie Fairbanks, SFFILM’s Director of Programming. “It is thrilling to present such a strong slate of Sloan titles at the festival.
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Semi-autobiographical “PURE O” Trailer And Release

PURE-OIn PURE O, a rehab counselor (Daniel Dorr, Fury, 20th Century Women) questions his sanity when he is diagnosed with a crippling form of OCD known as Pure Obsessional. With the help of his friends, a therapy group, and his addiction recovery clients, he discovers the life-affirming power of community in order to fight through the darkest moment of his life.

The film is set for digital release on major platforms Friday, April 12, and atrically in Los Angeles Friday April 5.

PURE O marks the directorial debut of veteran actor-musician-filmmaker Dillon Tucker, who has drawn from his own struggle with OCD to create a singular cinematic portrait of American life. Featuring subtle, natural light-filled cinematography by Tucker’s longtime creative collaborator, Ricky Fosheim, and a vibrant soundtrack of original songs by Tucker.

Along with Daniel Dorr, the film also stars Hope Lauren (CW’s The Republic of Sarah), Landry Bender (Best Friends Whenever, Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, The Sitter, Fuller House), Jeffery A. Baker

Said Dillon, ‘Pure O is a semi-autobiographical account of my life around the time I was diagnosed with OCD while working as a counselor at a drug and alcohol rehab. It is a true ensemble piece that shows how mental health affects not only the sufferer, but also the loved ones who surround them. This film is a story about the power of human connection and how vulnerability is the greatest form of courage.

PURE O was nominated for the Grand Jury award at 2023 SXSW, and received critical acclaim. Script Magazine called it “vulnerable, honest, and remarkably, it feels real, “ and Signal Horizon said the film is “ one of the most poignant and optimistic films I have ever seen.”


Oscar Micheaux and the Birth of Black Independent Cinema 15-Film Festival Opens May 3 at Film Forum

Oscar-Micheaux-and-the-Birth-of-Black-Independent-CinemaOscar Micheaux and the Birth of Black Independent Cinema, an 18-film festival, including 7 new restorations, of work by the prolific independent director whose pioneering explorations of contemporary Black life paved the way for generations, will run at Film Forum from Friday, May 3 through Thursday, May 9.

Operating on shoestring budgets, Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951) directed and produced more than 40 films between 1919 and 1948, shifting from silent to talkies, and depicting such complex and taboo subjects as religious hypocrisy, interracial marriage, police violence, and lynching, often with all-Black casts and producers. His work explored the Black experience with nuance and depth, often challenging the negative stereotypes so commonly portrayed in films of the era. Micheaux’s films were the first made by a Black filmmaker to be shown in white cinemas, and they were often hugely successful, with Micheaux working directly with theater owners to finance, distribute, and market them.
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Dark Sky Films Sets Release of “The Glenarma Tapes”

The-Glenarma-TapesDark Sky Films has set the release of its upcoming horror thriller “The Glenarma Tapes” to VOD and digital on April 2nd.

Directed by Tony Devlin, the film stars Warren McCook, Sophie Hill, Ryan Early and Emily Lamey. It is written by Tony Devlin & Paul Kennedy.

THE GLENARMA TAPES tells the story of teenager GORDY and his best friend JIMMY attempting to make the best film ever by following a day in the life of Gordy. Just an average day where Gordy tends to his little sister, goes to college, helps his Mum, pines over a potential girlfriend and smokes a pack of cigarettes… Not very exciting, until they overhear their annoying teachers plotting a wild weekend in the forest. Perfect timing for the boys to have an adventure of their own…by following them! Throw in Gordy’s love interest – the smart and streetwise ELEANOR and her no-nonsense friend CLARE and we have our Fab Four.

Off they set on a rickety old bus to the village of Glenarma, over sixty miles away from home. But what does every great adventure need? Supplies! Upon reaching the one-horse town and finding a dilapidated gas station, the gang encounter the strange yet articulate local shopkeeper EUGENE DONNELLY. Eugene proceeds to inform the young students of the tale of ‘Harry Half-a-Head’ – setting the scene for the unknown territory that lies ahead.

With their bags full, the gang make the 4-mile trek to the forest with the help of some “borrowed” wheels. A chase ensues but Gordy and his friends reach the gates of the Glenarma Forest safely…only to find the place is closed up. After a brief discussion on what to do next, the sound of an approaching vehicle nails the evening plans down. Taking cover, the students observe their teachers – MALLON and HOLMES, exit the unmarked car and make their way into the forest. Showtime!

Equipped with infra-red head cams, the youngsters follow the faculty members into the forest but soon lose sight of them. Darkness is coming and temperatures drop. Supplies are low and Gordy’s cigarette lighter is of no help when attempting to create a fire. Time to go home they decide. Catching your teachers having an affair on camera is no longer as appealing as they once believed.

However, when they begin to retrace their steps back through the forest, they uncover their teachers’ campsite and discover their educators are involved in a ritual sacrifice with a number of other people. When THE HUNTSMASTER initiates the hunt, the gang are discovered and must make it out of the forest alive before their teachers track them down and silence them forever…

Fast forward two years later and footage detailing their movements on the day they disappeared is uncovered during a police operation outside Belfast. With DETECTIVE TODD in charge, the case begins to unravel, lives are changed, there is a shocking discovery and we learn the truth of what occurred that fateful night through THE GLENARMA TAPES.


Trailer For “The Black Guelph” Drama Film Released

The-Black-Guelph“The Black Guelph” is directed and written by Josh Connors, and stars Graham Earley, Paul Roe, Tony Doyle, Denise McCormack, Lauren Larkin, and John Connors.

See below for the latest trailer for the movie.

The film is set to have screenings in US theaters on Friday, March 22, 2024 in New York City, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, Baltimore.

Here is the film’s official synopsis:

“The Black Guelph” dives into the corrupt chaos of a small-time drug dealer, Canto, who yearns to escape the clutches of his criminal life. However, his aspirations for redemption get complicated when his estranged father reemerges, igniting a tumultuous journey of forgiveness and self-discovery. As Canto grapples with his grimly choices, the film unfolds as an unyielding critique of power dynamics and societal corruption.

The film’s riveting narrative and poignant performances, notably Graham Earley’s portrayal of Canto, have captivated audiences worldwide, and securing him the esteemed Seymour Cassel Award for Outstanding Performance. With its compelling storyline and powerful performances, “The Black Guelph” stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of cinema in confronting pressing societal issues.


Larry Fessenden’s “Blackout” From Dark Sky Films Sets Release On Theaters + Digital Platforms

dark-skies-BlackoutWritten and directed by Larry Fessenden, the horror thriller stars Alex Hurt, Addison Timlin, Motell Gyn Foster, Joseph Castillo-Midyett, Ella Rae Peck, Rigo Garay, John Speredakos, Michael Buscemi, Jeremy Holm, Joe Swanberg, Kevin Corrigan, Barbara Crampton as Kate; with James Le Gros and Marshall Bell.

“Blackout” is set to open for a one week exclusive NYC theatrical engagement at IFC Center on March 13th, which will feature special cast appearances and a Q&A. The film will be released nationwide on digital platforms and VOD on April 12th.

It marks the long-awaited reunion of Dark Sky Films and Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix, two iconic horror companies responsible for Ti West’s The House of The Devil and The Innkeepers, Jim Mickle’s Stake Land and Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s Late Phases.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:

Painter Charley (Alex Hurt, Minyan, TV’s New Amsterdam) wakes up in an upstate motel where he appears to have been living for some time. After he packs and leaves he encounters various people in the small town where everybody knows your name. Charley is saying goodbye to the estranged love of his life, Sharon (Addison Timlin, Submission, TV’s American Horror Stories), and settling his affairs with a manic urgency that culminates with a call to a friend, Earl (Motell Gyn Foster, Marriage Story, A Dog’s Way Home), saying: “You better be ready, I’m coming.”

But Charley never makes it to his friend’s house: When the sun goes down he has convulsions while driving his car, goes off the road and ends up in a ditch. Charley, it seems, is a werewolf. He attacks his rescuers and moves through the outskirts of town at night wreaking havoc. But the next day he can’t remember the things he’s done. Now the tight-knit town must rally to find out what is tearing it apart: mistrust, fear, or a vicious monster.


Sundance Institute Announces 2024 Merata Mita Fellow and Inaugural Graton Fellow

Libby-Hakaraia-and-Tazbah-Rose-ChavezToday the nonprofit Sundance Institute announced the filmmakers selected to receive the 2024 Merata Mita Fellowship and the inaugural Graton Fellowship for Artists from California-Based Tribes. The Merata Mita Fellowship is an annual fellowship named in honor of the late Māori filmmaker Merata Mita (1942–2010) to support Indigenous women-identified artists endeavoring to direct their first feature film. This year’s Merata Mita Fellowship will go to Libby Hakaraia (Ngati Kapu, Ngati Raukawa au ki te tonga). The recently announced Graton Fellowship, created to support Indigenous artists from California-based tribes, both federally and non federally recognized, will go to Tazbah Rose Chavez (Dinè, Nüümü, San Carlos Apache). Both fellows were recognized at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival Native Forum Celebration Presented by NBCUniversal Launch and Nia Tero at The Park in Park City, Utah.

“It feels incredibly meaningful to have Libby and Tazbah as the recipients for the Merata Mita and Graton Fellowships respectively this year. It’s also a bit of a spiritual homecoming too,” said Adam Piron, Director, Sundance Institute Indigenous Program. “Both are established artists with deep ties to their communities, the histories that these fellowships are rooted in, and we’re thrilled  to be  supporting their upcoming projects with these incredible opportunities and I’d also like to thank Chairman Greg Sarris, the community of the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, and our donors for making this possible”
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Cinema Tropical Awards: Argentina’s TRENQUE LAUQUEN Named Best Latin American Film of the Year

cinema-tropical-awardsThe Argentine feature Trenque Lauquen by Laura Citarella was announced as the winner of the top award for Best Latin American Film of the Year at the 14th Annual Cinema Tropical Awards, which were announced this evening in a special event at Film at Lincoln Center in New York City.

The Chilean filmmaker Manuela Martelli was the winner of the Cinema Tropical Award for Best Director for her debut feature Chile ‘76, while the Costa Rican feature, I Have Electric Dreams (Tengo sueños eléctricos) by Valentina Maurel was announced winner of the award for Best First Film. The jury gave the award for Best Documentary to The Trial (El juicio) by Ulises de la Órden.

In the U.S. Latinx Cinema competition, the winner of the award for Best Film was the fiction film Story Ave, the debut feature by Aristotle Torres.

The Latin American winners of this year’s Cinema Tropical Awards were selected by a jury panel composed of Mónica Castillo, Senior Film Programer Curator at the Jacob Burns Film Center; Mara Fortes, Senior Curator at the Telluride Film Festival; María Paula Lorgia, Artistic Director of the San Diego Latino Film Festival; Marian Luntz, Film Curator at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and Manuel Santini, Senior Manager, Programming at Film at Lincoln Center.
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