Comic Book Legend Rob Liefeld to Release Memoir “Robservations” in Early 2025

Comic-Book-Legend-Rob-LiefeldComic book legend Rob Liefeld, known for his groundbreaking contributions to Marvel and the revolutionary formation of Image Comics, is set to unveil his highly anticipated memoir, “Robservations,” in early 2025 through BenBella Publishing. Offering a rare peek into his remarkable career, Liefeld’s memoir promises to provide readers with an intimate look at his journey from a pastor’s son in Orange County, CA, to becoming one of the most celebrated figures in the comic book industry.

From his beginnings as a teen sensation at DC Comics to becoming one of the industry’s most celebrated figures, Liefeld’s journey has been nothing short of legendary. In the early 90’s at Marvel Comics, he introduced the world to iconic characters such as Deadpool, Cable, and X-Force, catapulting sales to unprecedented heights with record-shattering single book sales of 5 million copies of X-Force #1.
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Todd McFarlane Productions’ Spawn Universe Expands With New Science-Fiction Series Rat City Next Month

New-Science-Fiction-Series-Rat-CityFor the first time ever, a female writer will take up the mantle as a regular Spawn Universe scribe. Award winning writer Erica Schultz (The Deadliest Bouquet, Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood) will team up with artist Zé Carlos to send readers on a visually stunning ride through a dystopian futurescape in the new Spawn Universe series Rat City. This ongoing science-fiction infused series is set to launch in April from Image Comics/Todd McFarlane Productions.

Set nearly a hundred years in the future, Rat City explores a world ravaged by corruption and inequality and follows the gripping tale of former soldier Peter Cairn, known as ‘The Deviant.’ Unlike traditional HellSpawn, Peter’s transformation is not orchestrated by Hell itself, but instead by an unforeseen twist of fate, catalyzed by an unthinkable act from the original Spawn, Al Simmons himself.

Themes of loss, survival, and reinvention collide against the backdrop of a society divided between the privileged elite and the downtrodden masses. Through Peter’s eyes, readers will witness the harsh realities of a world where the line between right and wrong is blurred, and the consequences of one man’s actions ripple across an entire city.

“We wanted to tell a compelling story about a man whose life was turned upside down by circumstances beyond his control,” said Schultz. “Peter, and perhaps others like him, are collateral damage in Al Simmons’ war… we’ll see the consequences of that unending conflict.”
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“Falling in Love on the Path to Hell” Pairs Tarantino-esque Action With Lost-Like Mystery

Falling-in-Love-on-the-Path-to-HellBestselling writer Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, X-Men) and Garry Brown (Babyteeth) team-up for an all-new, action-packed ongoing series titled, Falling in Love on the Path to Hell. First announced with an exclusive ashcan giveaway to retailers at Emerald City Comic Con and an exclusive scoop on the announcement at Popverse, this gunslinging tale of love and revenge is set to launch in June from Image Comics.

The debut issue of Falling in Love on the Path to Hell will showcase a massive extra-length story that drops readers straight into the action.
“We’re inspired by samurai films, grindhouse, westerns, Tarantino, Lone Wolf & Cub and of course all our favorite weird, supernatural comic books,” said Duggan, . “This romance is our love letter to creator-owned comics—it’s a story we can only tell at Image Comics. Garry Brown leads the strongest team I’ve been a part of in comics. Issue one is the most beautiful and violent comic I’ve read. Each issue is more breathtaking than the last. Garry and Chris O’Halloran are a perfect duo, and our letters and designs courtesy of Joe Sabino and Elliott Gray are sublime.

This is the first appearance of your new favorite characters. My goal is to have a big damn omnibus of Falling in Love on the Path to Hell on shelves in a few years. We’re bringing big, beautiful, violent and crazy fun ideas to comic shops this summer. Thanks for supporting this new ongoing comic that we love. Never code-approved and not for the faint of heart.”
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WonderCon ’24: Star Trek Panels Announced

“The Star Trek Universe Beams into WonderCon 2024”, announced.

The Star Trek universe is set to appear later this month at WonderCon 2024 at the Anaheim Convention Center at Anaheim, California.

First up is the Star Trek: Strange New World’s musical episode sing-along on Friday, March 29, at 8:00 – 9:00 PM called “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds — “Subspace Rhapsody” Sing-Along”. This is set to take place at Room North 200A.

“CBS Studios and Paramount+ invite you to join them for the first ever Star Trek sing-along screening of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds musical episode, “Subspace Rhapsody”” says the announcement, “followed by a moderated Q&A with songwriters Tom Polce and Kay Hanley, also of Letters to Cleo fame, where they will discuss writing the songs for Star Trek’s first ever musical episode. Moderated by Scott Manz.”

Then on March 30, Saturday at 3:30 – 5:00 PM , is set to feature Star Trek: Discovery’s fifth season premiere screening, set to take place at Room North 200A. “Be one of the first to see the premiere episode of the final season of Star Trek: Discovery followed by a moderated Q&A with Michelle Paradise(EP/Showrunner) and Olatunde Osunsanmi(EP/Director) where they will discuss working on the exciting final season and tease what’s to come. Moderated by Scott Manz.”


Co-Creators Kevin Eastman Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turbles & David Avallone Team With Ben Bishop and Troy Little To Launch New Series “Drawing Blood”

drawing-bloodNinja Turtles series and former publisher of the popular Heavy Metal magazine—teams up with writer David Avallone (Elvira, Batwheels), artists Ben Bishop (The Aggregate, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin), and Troy Little (Rick and Morty, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) for the upcoming Drawing Blood. This 12-issue comic book maxi-series, originally launched as a successful Kickstarter, will reach a larger audience in April and be published by Image Comics.

“The completely fictional true stories of Shane ‘Books’ Bookman sums it up the best,” said Eastman. “Set squarely in our collective world of Comics, part autobiographical, part tall tails and legends, I wanted a fictional character we could really put through the paces. Drawing Blood is all that and a basket of kittens…”

Avallone added: “When Kevin told me his idea for the project that became Drawing Blood, I immediately understood three things: it was something that hadn’t really been done before in comics, it could be really amazing… and that I wanted to write it with him. He kindly brought me on as co-creator, and we’ve had a blast turning all the crazy stories of a life in comics into this funny, entertaining, and heartbreaking saga of survival and redemption in show business.”
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St. Mercy: Godland Leaps Into A New Era Of Obsession – The Gods Of The Golden Age Of Hollywood

St-Mercy--GodlandTop Cow Productions, Inc. is set to partner with EP1T0ME Studios, Inc. once again for the forthcoming St. Mercy: Godland, to be published by Image Comics. In this new, four-issue installment of the hit action/adventure comic book series—by writer John Zuur Platten (Jurassic World: Evolution, Wanted: Weapons of Fate) and artist Atilio Rojo (Cyber Force, A.R.C.) with lettering by Troy Peteri—Mercy will be catapulted from the dangers of the Incan Empire and the American West into the ruthless, golden era of 1930s Hollywood.

“No matter where Mercy goes or what era she’s in, she can’t escape her curse,” said Platten. “In Godland, while the setting shifts from the Wild West to what was then called Hollywoodland, Mercy’s unwanted duty remains the same—protect the Incan gold, death be damned.”

Rojo added: “Mercy is relentless; we cannot wait for readers to reunite with her, to see our version of 1930s Hollywood, to meet the new cast from that era, and to experience the wild action scenes.”

“Mercy’s journey feels unique and unexpected,” said Lee Thomas, Creative Director at EP1T0ME. “[It] reminds us of the eclectic journeys of Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark or Quantum Leap’s Sam Beckett.”
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Exclusive Look Into The Future Of Marvel’s “What If…?”

what-if-season-3The nearly 3-minute clip is from a future episode that shows a “look in to the future” of Marvel’s What If…?, and follows the series finale of Season 2.

The video clip features Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) and the Red Guardian (David Harbour) on a road trip which very quickly turns into a police chase.

“What If…?” series is created by A. C. Bradley,

Here’s what the synopsis says:
Exploring pivotal moments from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turning them on their head, leading the audience into uncharted territory.


Marvel’s Stormbreakers Celebrate 20 Years Of The Young Guns/Stormbreakers Program In New Variant Covers

2024 will mark 20 years of Marvel Comics spotlighting and elevating the industry’s most powerful artists as Marvel’s Stormbreakers, the evolution of the groundbreaking Marvel’s Young Guns program.

To celebrate, the current class will pay tribute to the original class of Young Guns in January’s collection of STORMBREAKERS VARIANT COVERS.

Throughout January, the elite artists will depict some of Marvel’s current headlining stars in separate pinup pieces that will unite to form an epic jam piece just like the one the first Young Guns crafted in 2004. While January’s covers will feature the individual characters, fans can also check out the complete jam piece today.

Each month, Marvel’s Stormbreakers bring their incredible talents to your favorite comic series and characters and flex their skills with exciting themed variant cover collections.

The current group of artists includes Elena Casagrande, Nic Klein, Jan Bazaldua, Chris Allen, Martín Cóccolo,Lucas Werneck, Federico Vicentini, and C.F. Villa. Each of these artists embody the raw talent and creative potential to shatter the limits of visual storytelling in comics today.

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Lumberjanes Meet Buffy In Upcoming Miniseries “The Cabinet”

Eisner and Harvey Award nominated writer Jordan Hart (Ripple Effects) and co-writer David Ebeltoft team up with up-and-coming artist Chiara Raimondi for the vibrant and magical five-issue miniseries, The Cabinet. This technicolor-drenched, tongue-in-cheek adventure begins in February 2024 from Image Comics’ Syzygy line.

Each vibrant issue will also feature an interconnected variant cover by Eisner, Shuster, Manning, and GLADD Award nominated artist Marguerite Sauvage (Faith, Bombshells).

The Cabinet follows an Indian-American teen, Avani, and midwestern jock, Trent, on a teleporting mission across a post-Cold War landscape to collect bizarre relics. Why? Well, because they need to summon the arcane powers of a resplendent 17th-century cabinet to fix a teeny-tiny mistake the last time Avani used it… a gaffe that inadvertently unleashed an ancient evil from its prison and killed her parents.

“Equally beautiful and creepy, medieval Display Cabinets (Kabinettschranks) inspired David and I after seeing one in person at a local museum,” said Hart. “We immediately knew we wanted to build a story around a baroque version with arcane power—but sidestepped a dark, gothic horror tale in favor of a vibrant supernatural adventure set in the early ’90s. The result is a world that combines Constantine with Clarissa Explains It All through a Lisa Frank-esque lens that only Chiara could deliver.”
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Official Trailer: “Madame Web” Gives First Glimpse at Spider-Man Spinoff

Sony Pictures has just released the official trailer for the upcoming film “Madame Web”, the Spider-Man spinoff which stars Dakota Johnson as the title character, along with Sydney Sweeney playing Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman.

Although it is described as a standalone origin film, it is connected to the Spider-Man cinematic universe. Here, Johnson plays Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in Manhattan and clairvoyant with psychic abilities that let her tap into the spider world.

S. J. Clarkson helms “Madame Web”, which is Sony’s first female-led Marvel movie. Also in the film are Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, Emma Roberts, and Adam Scott.

Here’s the film’s official synopsis:
“Meanwhile, in another universe…” In a switch from the typical genre, Madame Web tells the standalone origin story of one of Marvel publishing’s most enigmatic heroines. The suspense-driven thriller stars Dakota Johnson as Cassandra Webb, a paramedic in Manhattan who may have clairvoyant abilities. Forced to confront revelations about her past, she forges a relationship with three young women destined for powerful futures…if they can all survive a deadly present.

“Madame Web” is set for release on February 14, 2024.

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