Joss Whedon is interested to make a Star Wars film

By AI Creative Media

Joss Whedon speaking at Comic-con

In an interview with Complex, Whedon talked about many topics including his reappearance with SaveTheDay, returning to TV, his current script (“It’s a historical fiction slash horror movie about a time when the world was going insane, World War II,” he revealed), and the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

But the most interesting tidbit came when Whedon asked about his interest towards other movie franchises. Following his experience on the Avengers movies, is answer was pretty forthcoming:

“I mean, it’s a fun thing to do, to put yourself in the service of something if you think you can add an interpretation. It’s no different than any other storytelling. Do I want to make a ‘Star Wars’ movie? Yeah.”

Then he adds.
“I was like, “I don’t want to make a Star Wars movie. Like, god dammit, why?” But I saw the trailer for Rogue awhile ago and I was like, “I want to do that.” To make a Star Wars movie and not be wed to the bigger picture.”

Its an interesting thought that is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility, given the recent comments by Disney CEO Bob Iger regarding the future of the Star Wars franchise, which “mapped out” multiple Star Wars movies in the future.