From Russia With Love: BUBBLE STUDIOS at the Comic-Con festival in San Diego

By Creative Media Times


Russian film company Bubble Studios were at San Diego Comic-Con a couple of weeks ago. The team premiered their short film “Major Grom” and it looks like they have a hit as the film was very well received.

The SDCC screening was followed by a Q&A where the film’s creators answered questions from attendees. Present during the exhibition was Artyom Gabrelyanov, founder of BUBBLE comic book publishing house, as well as chief editor Roman Kotkov, artist Natalia Zaidova, and the head of the studio, Vladimir Besedin.

From the press release: “The plot is centered around the story of an experienced detective from St. Petersburg named Igor Grom, who, by chance, happens to witness a bank robbery. In spite of possible danger, Igor Grom decides to stop the criminals on his own.”

Early this year, “Major Grom” held its international premiere at Berlinale on February 11, 2017, followed shortly after by a Russian premiere on February 19, 2017.