Felix & Paul Studios Marks 10th Anniversary With Behind-the-Scenes Series Inside Felix & Paul Studios

Felix & Paul Studios Marks 10th Anniversary With Behind-the-Scenes Series Inside Felix & Paul Studios, Presented by Canon

Inside Felix & Paul Studios lifts the curtain on the studio’s pioneering creative process, decade of groundbreaking immersive storytelling, and upcoming productions.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Felix & Paul Studios, the Emmy-Award winning creator of immersive entertainment experiences, proudly introduces Inside Felix & Paul Studios, an 8-episode series presented by Canon available on Meta Quest (3D 180) and YouTube (2D and 3D 180). This series offers an exclusive look at the studio’s decade-long journey as a pioneer of immersive entertainment experiences, providing unique access into its creative and technological laboratories.

The series reflects on the studio’s legacy, emphasizing how instilling a profound sense of presence has been pivotal to each project.

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Felix & Paul Studios Debuts Space Explorers : Blue Marble Trilogy

Following the recent success of Space Explorers : Blue Marble – Orbit 1, which was selected as one of 10 “Best Of Immersive” productions at the Venice Immersive section of the Venice International Film Festival, Felix & Paul Studios announces the release the complete cinematic VR trilogy Space Explorers : Blue Marble.

Space Explorers : Blue Marble – Orbit 2 and Space Explorers : Blue Marble – Orbit 3, further the narrative arc introduced in the first episode. The entire trilogy presents three stunning 360° perspectives of Earth, captured from the International Space Station (ISS).

By giving viewers the chance to experience the profound Overview Effect, previously only observed by astronauts, the Space Explorers – Blue Marble trilogy, part of the Emmy-Award-winning Space Explorers series, provides an immersive, transformative, and meditative perspective of our planet like never before.

To capture these extraordinary moments, Felix & Paul Studios designed and engineered cameras capable of filming in the vacuum of space and collaborated with NASA teams both aboard the ISS and on the ground.

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