Rosario Dawson To Narrate Extended Reality Experience Soul Paint

soul-paintHatsumi and Monobanda and announced today that Award-winning actress, activist, designer, and producer, Rosario Dawson, will narrate the SXSW festival-bound extended reality reality project, Soul Paint. Debuting on Quest 2, the experience merges art and science to illustrate the infinite and complex networks of emotion and experience that live within all of us. 

Participants will embark on a journey of personal exploration, voiced by Dawson, as they identify and convey the sensations and emotions of their bodies through body mapping, 3D drawing and movement. The result is a visual representation of those sensations, providing a transformative new way to communicate human experiences that are often indescribable. 

“Soul Paint was inspired by my own experience of grief. Whilst seeking support for my own challenges with mental health, I lacked the words to describe my feelings and wanted to find new ways to be understood and understand others around me. Body mapping as a therapeutic process is a fascinating way to explore emotional and sensory experiences within the body. Being able to translate it into an immersive environment has enabled us to expand its potential as a creative experience that can empower people to tell stories in powerful new ways. We are so excited to see how people experience Soul Paint and what stories will emerge,” said director Sarah Ticho. 

Ticho continued,“Rosario was the perfect person to narrate this special project. She understood the experience so deeply. It was incredible to see her immediately dial into the character, like tuning a radio to find the perfect channel. She has created the perfect warm nurturing voice to guide people through. She understands the importance of creating art that unites people through empathy, compassion, or shared experiences, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.” 

“I’m passionate about creating experiences that involve the human body, where the audience becomes part of the artwork. VR offers a unique medium for artists to craft immersive stories, which are crucial in a world overwhelmed by stimuli that neglect our physical selves. It’s vital to relearn how to feel human in a world that goes too fast to keep up. VR and new embodied experiences could serve as a vital bridge in this journey towards a deeper reconnection,” said director Niki Smit. 

In addition to narrating Soul Paint, Dawson can also be seen advocating for necessary changes to the farming industry in Common Ground, a documentary about regenerative agriculture and its potential to save the world.
“Soul Paint” exists at the nexus of immersive technology, creative storytelling and wellbeing to explore the richness of the embodied human experience. Participants are taken on a journey to explore and creatively express feelings of emotion and sensations in the body. Through the process of body mapping, 3D drawing and movement, they are invited to reveal their unique inner reality and then observe the creations of others. 

Using interactive technology in a genre-pushing way, this experience encourages new forms of embodied insight, allowing us to reflect on the diversity of human experience on an individual and global level.