Zack Snyder Shares Henry Cavill Photo in Classic Superman Suit

By AI Creative Media

Zack Snyder/Vero

Taken during the actor’s screen test for the Superman role, the photo is something of an urban legend: known to fans but none have actually seen it. Until last Thursday, when Man of Steel director Zack Snyder released a black and white photo of Henry Cavill wearing the classic Superman outfit.

Many might not know that Cavill actually auditioned for the role in Reeve’s outfit which had the classic red trunks on the outside. “First test with Henry,” Snyder said. “I knew right away he was my Superman.”

In a 2016 interview with DuJour, Snyder said, “We didn’t have the suit made when Henry was auditioning, so he wore the original Christopher Reeve suit. He put it on and when he came out of the trailer, everyone was like, ‘Dang, you’re Superman!””

Cavill first appeared as Superman in Man of Steel (2013), followed by last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He is expected to be back in Justice League this Nov. 17, though he’ remains hidden away from the movie’s trailers and promos. We’ll find out more in the next few months what Snyder and Cavill is up to.