Director Taika Waititi To Tackle Flash Gordon

By Creative Media Times

Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok, has signed on to an animated adaptation of Flash Gordon, Deadline reported.

The source has said that Waiti will direct and write the film, though his camp says “it’s too early to gauge exactly what his role would be.”

A Flash Gordon live action film reboot has been in development for years in Fox, at some point both Matthew Vaughn and Julius Avery were attached to helm. But with the recent merger of Disney and Fox, it appears the effort is going in a new direction.

Waititi is currently working in the post-production of an upcoming film “Jojo Rabbit,” an adaptation of the novel by Christine Leunens, Caging Skies which is set for release this October.

Waititi has previous stated how the superhero film Flash Gordon has influenced Thor: Ragnarok. The former was released in 1980 and starred Sam J. Jones as the title character and directed by Mike Hodges.