Gigi Hadid, Appropriation or Progress?

By: Andrew Van Wilpe

The American fashion model, Gigi Hadid has come under some scrutiny, in recent days, following the release of the cover of Vogue Arabia’s first edition. In the black and white cover photo, the model sported a beaded veil, bare shouldered. Inside the magazine there is another photo of Gigi dressed in a more traditional looking, hot pink and fuchsia hijab.

Although, Gigi is of Palestinian decent, coming from her father’s side, she is not of the Muslim faith. The critics accuse this 21-year-old model and Vogue of religious appropriation. Her critics are upset because they believe Gigi and Vogue are glamourizing something that other women are criticized for. One critic tweeted, “So Gigi is getting praised for wearing a Hijab bc “fashion” while women who actually wear Hijab are attacked, shamed, and threatened?”

The question from most of the critics is, “why Vogue did not choose an actual Muslim model for this cover?” It seems the issue is more about representation. Critics believe Vogue should have used a Muslim model if they wanted to avoid this controversy and wanted to promote inclusion.
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New York: Couture Fashion Week – Fall 2017 Collections

By Armando

New York, NY—February 14th, 2017 – Couture New York Fashion Week began on Friday, February 10 and run throughout the weekend. All of the shows were held on Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, Broadway, NY.

The Fall 2017 Collections featured collections from around the globe including Belinda Bullshoe, Cory Tran, Laura Moss, Rose Sharifi, Farah Sugar, Paulina Canas, Luis Machicao, Diana Mahrach, Meggie Hadiyanto, Mety Choa, Olga Alicea & Hector Musse, Bella Fashion Designs, Lourdes Atencio, Vanny Tousignant, Ruchika Kabra, Alexandra Popescu, Reuden Banks, Houda El Fechka Eddiouanne, and Andres Aquino who closed the runway shows on Saturday night.

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John Malkovich: Actor, Director, Fashion Designer?

By Shane Brooks

During last Sunday’s Super Bowl, an ad aired to promote the release of the new clothing line by Oscar nominated actor John Malkovich.

The ad depicts some of the struggles Malkovich went through in an attempt to be break from the world of acting into this new art form and represents some of the ideas and inspirations behind his designs. During the ad the actor makes the point, “I’m always a figure in someone else’s dream. I’d really rather sometimes make my own figures and my own dreams.”

Most people recognize John Malkovich for his role in the film Being John Malkovich, however, in an ad for Squarespace that aired during the Super Bowl the actor revealed his desire to take his creative talents in a new direction.

Many do not know that this is not Malkovich’s firststep in the fashion world. With his first fashion company, Mrs. Mudd, being released in 2002. His second, Technobohemian, was released in 2010 and featured many of the actor’s own designs.Along with the theatrical Super Bowl ad Malkovich has launched a website,, powered by Squarespace.

The website showcases Malkovich’s winterand summer 2017 collections. The collections include selections of jackets, knitwear, pants, shirts and accessories. An excerpt from the “About” section of the site reads: “John takes inspiration from his travels and experiences, fine art, and storytelling elements, such as setting and characterization. He sketches designs and patterns, refining every detail, while travelling andduring downtime on set. For over 30 years, John has been a passionate fabric collector. With a meditative approach, he often spends several days purely on fabric selection.”

It is clear that John Malkovich puts his heart into every project he works on whether that be acting, directing or designing fashion. So, if you were watching the big game last Sunday you may be pretty excited for all of the new box office blockbusters coming this summer but you may have also found that new summer look you have been waiting for.


Nike announces self-tying shoes release date

By AICreativeMedia

After years of development and research, Nike has announced the HyperAdapt 1.0 will hit stores by November this year. The announcement came from Nike’s public relations director Heidi Burgett through a tweet, announcing appointments to “experience and purchase” HyperAdapt 1.0 by November 28, 2016.

“The HyperAdapt is a myth turned into reality,” Tiffany Beers, senior innovator at Nike, told Wired. “It’s so cool! You have no idea how cool it is to step in a shoe that automatically tightens.”


Fashion highlights from FASHION X DALLAS 2016

By Armando

Here are some of the photo highlights from Fashion X Dallas, which was presented by Cadillac on September 8-10, 206 at the Fashion Industry Gallery, Dallas, Texas. The 3-day fashion event featured designers from Lifetime TV show ‘Project Runway’, local Dallas designers, and new and up-and-coming designers from around the globe.

Fashion X Dallas is the premiere “fashion week” in the DFW market and features 3 nights of runway shows each Fall.

This year, DFW based designer received the 2016 BERNINA Dallas Fashion Fund, an incentive to encourage designers to pursue their careers in the fashion industry. previous recipients were “Nine Muses” in 2014, and “Smith II” in 2015.

In attendance this year Saturday runway shows is Actress Linda Gray, who was honored during the show with a portion of proceeds benefitting Assist the Officers Foundation. Linda Gray is an award winning actress, an accomplished director, a former United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and one of the world’s most recognized and admired stars.


Trish Peng Broke Longest Train on a Catwalk Record

by AICreative Media

Trish Peng’s red lace, off-the-shoulder gown has broken the record with a 20 meter silk tulle train during the New Zealand Fashion Week.

The LA-based bridal designer said she used red because it “is a sign of prosperity and good luck so it’s a bit of that as well as making a statement for the grand finale piece.” Daily Mail is reporting that elaborate creation costs almost US$5,800 (NZD $8,000 or AUD $7689).

The longest train ever to hit a NZ catwalk


Highlights from LA Swim Week 2016

By AIPhotoimaging
Highlights from LA Swim Week 2016. A night of fun, music, fashion and lots and lots of swimsuits! LA Swimweek Fashion Show was held on Skirball Cultural Center in LA, CAlifornia on July 19, 2016.

Featuring designs from: Duskii (Australia), BeachFlirt22 (Greece), Lady Swim (LA), Palo Rosa (Colombia), Pauleth Swimwear (Miami), The 8th Continent (Japan), Nessy Swimwear (15 year old designer, Glam Clothing (Los Angeles), Leonisa (Colombia, Amour Swimwear (Los Angeles), the night was full of excitement, fun and lots of colors!

The event brings together designers from different cultures, and the show presented influences from Columbia, Japan and Greece. The night also featured event creator and executive producer Connie Borja’s swimwear line Amour, and up and coming 14-year-old swimwear designer Vanessa Sanchez of Nessy Swimwear. The event also featured a pop-up shop with 20 brands selling swimwear and beauty products.


Fashion X Austin 2016 Highlights

By Armando

Now on it’s 8th year, Austin Fashion Week has become the largest fashion event in Texas and one of the most highly acclaimed in the Southern United States. This year’s shows lived up to expectations with fabulous collections, nightly red carpet and bars featuring Chloe Wine Collection.

Fashion X Austin 2016 kicked off on Friday, April 15, 2016 and closed on Saturday, April 23 at JW Marriott, Downtown Austin. Owned by the producers of Austin Fashion Week, FXA aims to support the local Austin, TX fashion.

Here are some of fashion highlights from the recently concluded Fashion X Austin 2016, featuring designs from Melissa Fleis, Michelel Lesniak, Amanda Valentine, Jeffrey Sebelia and Korto Momolu, as well as local designers Ross Bennett, Sout Sports and young up and comer This Is Sloane.



New York Fashion Week: Couture

By AI Creative Media

Couture New York Fashion Week began on Friday, February 12 and runs through February. All of the shows were held on Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, Broadway, NY.

The 23rd Season of Couture Fashion Week featured collections from Dauphine of France, Anniesa Hasibuan, Vintage Couture by Vanny Tousignant, Ely Cortrreal and Andres Aquino, and performances from Mia Wallace and Serena Bateman.

Couture Fashion Week was founded in 2005 by Andres Aquino and also presents a series of couture and luxury fashion shows in New York City, Cannes and other selected cities.

Here’s some of the highlights of the 3-day couture fashion event.

Photographer: Armando –
New York Couture Fashion Week
Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, Broadway


Converse’s Chuck Taylor Redesigned For The First Time In A Century

By Armando

The stuff of teenage rebellion and rock ’n’ roll is now more comfy.

The Chuck Taylor, one of the world’s most iconic shoes, got a redesign as Converse unveiled today the “Chuck II” at a press conference in South Boston.

If you ever owned one, you probably are thinking this redesign is long past due. With all the advances in sneaker technology, the shoes haven’t changed much in 98 years. Additionally, it has been somewhat challenging to wear while doing any sort of athletic activity.

So it’s no surprise that the upgrades are on the interior, while keeping the same classic look that made it a fashion icon as its forebear. The redesign includes a foam padded collar, perforated micro-suede liner and a new “Lunarlon Sockliner” that adds cushioning and arch support. A lot of these technologies came from Nike, which bought Converse in 2003 for $305 million.

And there’s also the name change to Chuck II. Named after the Indiana basketball star, “Chuck Taylor” was the first to get his name on signature sneaker shoes when it came out in 1917.

“The launch of Chuck II is a groundbreaking moment for Converse as we continue to move the brand forward through creativity and innovation, ushering in not just a new sneaker, but a completely new way of thinking,” Jim Calhoun, president and CEO at Converse, said in a statement.

Here it is, the Chuck II:

Available later this month, the sneakers will be $70 and $75 for low-tops and high-tops respectively, and will be available in black, white, red, and blue when they launch next week.

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