Lacoste New Collection Replaces Iconic Logo With Endanged Species

By Creative Media Times

French clothing company Lacoste is temporarily dropping its iconic logo to showcase 10 endangered species in a limited edition line of its polo shirt. “The logo has left the polo! @Lacoste’s famous croc makes way to help save some of the world’s most threatened species,” the company announced on its Twitter account. The polo shirts can be purchased through the company’s website and will retail for $185.

Those endangered animals consist of the Vaquita dolphin, Northern sportive lemur, Burmese roofed turtle, Javan rhino, Cao vit gibbon, California condor, Kakapo parrot, Sumatran tiger, the Saola, and the Anegada ground iguana. The logos will use the same embroidery styling that has been an iconic for the brand’s crocodile.

The effort is the beginning of the Lacoste’s three-year partnership with Paris agency BETC together with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and its Save Our Species (SOS) campaign.

According to the campaign’s website and regarding the production of the shirts, the number produced in each series corresponds to the remaining population sizes in the wild as estimated by IUCN species experts. This means only 450 Iguana shirts will be available, 350 featuring the Sumatran tiger, and a measly 40 shirts with the Burmese Roofed Turtle.

Lacoste was founded in 1933 by tennis player French tennis player and André Gillier. The company produced tennis shirts with the now iconic crocodile logo embroidered on the chest, a reference to Lacoste nickname “the Crocodile.”