Brad Anderson and Rob Leigh Officially Join Ghost Machine On Exclusive Basis

Ghost-MachineColorist Brad Anderson and letterer Rob Leigh have officially joined the ranks of Ghost Machine’s exclusive creator roster published by Image Comics. Globally recognized as absolute masters of their craft, Anderson and Leigh have already been integral to Ghost Machine’s success since the company’s official launch at New York Comic-Con in October 2023.

Anderson and Leigh have joined fellow Ghost Machine co-owners and co-creators Jason Fabok, Gary Frank, Bryan Hitch, Geoff Johns, Lamont Magee, Francis Manapul, Brad Meltzer, Ivan Reis, Peter Snejbjerg, Peter J. Tomasi, and Maytal Zchut, who are all fully exclusive to Ghost Machine for their comic book work once projects already committed to have been completed.

“We are so lucky that the very best colorist and letterer working today have joined Ghost Machine. Brad and Rob bring exceptional talent and a wealth of experience to our team and their passion for the visual absolutely jumps off the page at each turn. Since the inception of the company Brad and Rob’s individual brilliance has been invaluable to everything we do, so we are thrilled to now officially make them 100% Ghosts,” said the creators in a joint statement. “Too often colorists and letters are overlooked in this business and not given the same equity considerations as other creators despite them being vital to the quality, consistency and longevity of the titles and characters they are a part of manifesting. We’re proud to continue to make new ground as creators and owners in this business we love but that needs to evolve.”

“It’s hard to put into words what it means to me to be a part of a group such as this. I’ve looked up to and have been inspired by these creators for years, and to be partners in Ghost Machine with such professionals and entrepreneurial wizards, who I call friends, is incredibly special.” said Anderson. “I value the trust they put into me and my work, and to be recognized by such giants in the industry means more than I can say. I am so excited, not only for us, but for the fans to see, and fall in love with the characters and stories Ghost Machine is creating.”

Rob Leigh added: “I am extremely fortunate to be enjoying a long career in comics—a childhood dream come true. And while I’ve achieved many goals, what had been missing was the ability to plot my own course and to have a meaningful stake in the work created. When Geoff contacted me describing his vision of a company where all properties are owned and controlled by the talent—creators not only at the apex of the field, but who I admire and respect on a personal level—I couldn’t board the Ghost Machine ship fast enough!”

Anderson and Leigh’s quality was on full display in Ghost Machine’s recent triple sell-out of its debut issues Geiger #1, Redcoat #1 and Rook: Exodus #1. Image Comics, which publishes all Ghost Machine titles, rushed all three first issues back to print, with second issues following this month.

In Geiger #2, Tariq Geiger, his two-headed wolf Barney, and their surprising newfound companion begin their quest along the radioactive roads of the former United States to find a cure for the Glowing Man’s nuclear-powered condition. But in order to obtain the information they need, Geiger’s crew must first help a local sheriff catch and kill a masked raider that’s pillaging the town. But what Geiger ultimately discovers chills him to his glowing green bones. And The Electrician isn’t far behind… Geiger #2 from Johns, Frank, Anderson and Leigh is in stores this week.

Redcoat #2 picks up with Simon Pure hunted by a bloodthirsty cult. The immortal mercenary discovers his powers may have its limits and the former British soldier must accept help from a 12-year-old genius named Albert Einstein. Redcoat #2 from Johns, Bryan Hitch, Anderson, and Leigh, publishes next week.

Rook: Exodus #2 introduces new allies and threats. With the imported animal population growing out of control and the world’s engine failing, the warden known only as Rook must now also face the power-hungry bear master Ursaw, who won’t rest until all of Exodus’ wardens are dead. As Dire Wolf also hunts down Rook, only one question remains about the wolves’ pack leader…is she friend or foe? Rook: Exodus #2 from Johns, Jason Fabok, Anderson, and Leigh, goes on sale Wednesday, May 22.