“A Stork’s Journey 2” Official Trailer Released

Directed by Benjamin Quabeck and Mette Tange, the animated family adventure features the voices of Jay Myers, Kyra Jackson, Simona Berman, Blake Farha, and Jeffrey Hylton

Here, Richard is back and flying high in a hilarious, all-new sequel to the original hit family film. Out to prove he is a “chirp” off the old block, the young bird gives everything he’s got to become flock leader only to learn his brother Max has been given the job. After deciding to take flight and start a new life, Richard begins a dangerous journey full of thrills and surprises. It is only through the devotion, ingenuity and bravery of his friends that Richard finds real character and courage in himself and discovers what he is truly meant to be.

Lionsgate is set to release “Stork’s Journey 2” through digital retailers and on-demand June 18, 2024.