Batfleck Wants to Save the Day — And Detroit

By Emily Coyle

Batfleck is brushing Detroit’s bankruptcy blues aside and is here to save the day. That’s right, Superman and Batman are officially heading to Motor City to shoot the sequel of Warner Bros’s (NYSE:TWX) blockbuster Man of Steel, and the good news is it only took a $35-million state incentive to get them there.

According to USA Today, the Michigan Film Office announced the news Thursday and told the largest city in Michigan to expect Batman and Superman on its grounds sometime in the first three months of 2014. The original Man of Steel hit U.S. theaters on June 14 of this year, and was a blockbuster success not only domestically, but also in theaters overseas with a worldwide opening of $196.7 million.

That means good things for debt-ridden Detroit, which will benefit from the $131 million worth of in-state expenditures that the film will require, as well as its widespread popularity and far-reaching audience. Officially announcing its bankruptcy earlier in the summer, the metro area needs all the help it can get to rebuild — help to regain consumer and investor trust, and make Detroit a more appealing place to live once again.