Sony Announces “Venom” Soundtrack Tracklist and Release Date

By Creative Media Times

Sony Music

The original motion picture soundtrack of the upcoming superhero film “Venom” is set for release on October 5, Sony Music has announced today.

The soundtrack includes original music from composer Ludwig Göransson. The three-time Grammy award nominated Swedish film composer is known for his work on Fruitvale Station, sports drama film Creed and super hero blockbuster Black Panther. It is currently available for pre-order here.

Here is the Venom soundtrack official tracklist:

1. Space Exploration 10. Pedal to the Metal
2. Symbiotes Arrive 11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas
3. First Contact 12. You Want Up?
4. Eddie’s Blues 13. Venom Rampage
5. Run, Eddie, Run 14. Annie, I’m Scared
6. What’s Wrong with Me 15. Parasite
7. Panic at the Bistro 16. Unexpected Ally
8. Humans…Such Poor Design 17. Battle on the Launch Pad
9. Self Defense 18. You Belong With Us

“As a fan of the Venom comics – it was an intriguing challenge for me to write music for two incredibly explosive characters cohabiting one body,” says Ludwig about the project. “The challenge was in creating two separate identities at the beginning of the story that could later be interwoven and coalesced. For the Venom score I drew on my roots as a metal guitar player. I set out to redefine metal by contemporizing it with current production techniques and infusing it with the super power of the orchestra.”

In the comics, Venom’s character is a sentient alien symbiote which needs a human host to survive, eventually giving the host enhanced powers. Eddie Brock is the journalist who comes in contact and bonded with the alien and become Venom, who is both vengeful and a hero to those he deems innocent.

The film features Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock / Venom. alongside Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, and Reid Scott.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad), “Venom” is a spin-off from the Spider-Man movie franchise. “Venom” is set for wide theatrical release on October 5.