Disney’s Rich Ross Exit: Speculation Swirls Around Possible Replacements

Several names have emerged as possible successors to the fired studio head.

With Rich Ross forced to resign Friday from his post of chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Disney CEO Bob Iger is now tasked with replacing an executive whose rocky tenure demonstrated an inability to transition his success in television to film.
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Sources say Iger informed studio insiders Friday that he doesn’t have anyone in mind for the job yet and is no rush to fill the position. The studio has dramatically trimmed the number of movies it is making and is in production on only one film, Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger, limiting the destabilizing effect of a studio head exit.

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 Has Failed, Now What?

By Salvatore “Sam” Mattera

The rise of tablets and smartphones has shaken up the once dominant “Wintel” PC paradigm. In an attempt to re-establish its supremacy, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) designed Windows 8 to be a hybrid operating system, useful on a variety of platforms.

But Windows 8 adoption has been poor — consumers seem baffled by the changes. Meanwhile, Windows tablets are selling poorly, and Windows Phone remains in fourth place. Can Microsoft turn things around, or should the company cut and run?

Windows 8 has failed

Microsoft released Windows 8 last October. The new version of Windows was the biggest redesign of the operating system since Windows 95. Unfortunately, consumers seem baffled by the changes, and Microsoft’s hardware partners have been public in their disappointment.

It’s hard to quantify consumer dissatisfaction with Windows 8, but a quick perusal of the comments section of nearly any article dedicated to the operating system reveals widespread dissatisfaction.


Billboard Hot 100 Singles – Week of Mar.31, 2012

1. fun. f/ Janelle Monae “We Are Young”
2. Kelly Clarkson, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
3. The Wanter, “Glad You Came”
4. Adele, “Set Fire To The Rain”
5. Gotye f/ Kimbra, “Somebody That I Used To Know”
6. Nicki Minaj, “Starships”
7. David Guetta f/ Nicki Minaj, “Turn Me On”
8. Drake f/ Rihanna “Take Care”
9. Katy Perry, “Part Of Me”
10.Flo Rida f/ Sia, “Wild Ones”

Fun. Still No. 1 on Hot 100, Flo Rida Enters Top 10
by Gary Trust, N.Y.  |   March 21, 2012 3:50 EDT

Fun’s We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monae, spends a third week atop the Billboard Hot 100, while Flo Rida jumps into the chart’s top 10 with the assistance of pop singer/songwriter Sia.
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Roger Ebert: Eight Things You Might Not Have Known

By Mark Deming

Roger Ebert was America’s best-known film critic – and arguably its best. But that was hardly his only accomplishment in a long and distinguished career. Ebert, who died Thursday at the age of 70, wasn’t just a critic, but a screenwriter, a music fan, an on-line activist, a historian, and even Oprah Winfrey’s date for an evening. As we remember Ebert’s life and work, here are eight things you might not have known about the man.

Ebert invented “Two Thumbs Up.” Ebert’s famous TV partnership with Gene Siskel began in 1975 with a local program aired once a month called “Coming Soon To A Theater Near You.” By 1978, it had become a weekly PBS show called “Sneak Previews,” and was a hit in the ratings. When Buena Vista Television (a division of Disney) offered Ebert and Siskel a more lucrative deal in 1986, they took it, but needed to make some changes so as not to seem like they were ripping off the old show. That meant no longer giving movies a “Yes” or “No” vote as they had before. “I came up with the idea of giving thumbs up and thumbs down,” Ebert later said. “And the reason that Siskel and I were able to trademark that is that the phrase ‘two thumbs up’ in connection with movies had never been used. And in fact, the phrase ‘two thumbs up’ was not in the vernacular. And now, of course, it’s part of the language.”

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Canon releases new camera that can capture the beauty of space

Astrophotography enthusiasts can now take great images of the sky without modifying cameras
by Mariella Moon

Many expensive DSLR cameras aren’t optimized to shoot great photos of the heavens, especially of the night sky, right out of the box. Astrophotographers, photographers who mainly take pictures of astronomical objects, usually have to learn how to tweak their camera settings to best capture the wonders of space. Now, Canon has released a new product that makes astrophotography easy even for beginners.

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10 Ways Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Is Better Than The iPhone 5

Kevin Smith

Samsung announced its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S 4 earlier this month in New York.

Critics have been going wild because the Galaxy S 4 is real competition to Apple’s iPhone 5.
The Galaxy S 4 is packed with the latest hardware and software features like a 13 megapixel camera, eye tracking technology, and even a way to use the phone without touching the screen.
While the iPhone 5 is still an impressive smartphone, it doesn’t hold a candle to the Galaxy S 4.

The Galaxy S 4 is faster than the iPhone 5.

Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 has a quad-core processor compared the the iPhone 5’s dual core processor.

Primate Labs ran a benchmark test pitting the Galaxy S 4 against other top tier smartphones including the iPhone 5.

The results show that the Galaxy S 4 is almost two times faster than the iPhone 5.

The Galaxy S 4’s screen is bigger.
The Galaxy S 4’s screen measures a whopping 5-inches.

That’s a full inch more screen real estate than the Phone 5. A bigger screen means more apps on one page, more space for videos, and higher quality.


Billboard Hot 100 Singles – Week of Mar.24, 2012

1. fun. f/ Janelle Monae “We Are Young”
2. Kelly Clarkson, “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
3. Adele, “Set Fire To The Rain”
4. The Wanter, “Glad You Came”
5. Gotye f/ Kimbra, “Somebody That I Used To Know”
6. David Guetta f/ Nicki Minaj, “Turn Me On”
7. Drake f/ Rihanna “Take Care”
8. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa f/ Bruno Mars, “Young, Wild & Free”
9. Nicki Minaj, “Starships”
10.Katy Perry, “Part Of Me”

Fun.’s ‘We Are Young’ Remains Atop Revised Hot 100
by Gary Trust, N.Y.  |   March 14, 2012 1:00 EDT

As previously announced, the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart undergoes a major renovation this week with the addition of a host of streaming services to its formula, including those that contribute to the newly-launched On-Demand Songs chart.

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