Metal Warrior Premieres “Scream Love” Video

Metal WarriorFollowing up the smash anthem “The Battle Will Be Won” released February 9th, esteemed intergalactic band Metal Warrior drops their newest single “Scream Love.” The new song commemorates the day singer and guitarist Queen Va’s home planet of Barabartok abolished the so-called Law Against Love.

“I wrote Scream Love to express the intricate dichotomy that exists within a world that allows love to roam free,” expressed Queen Va. “Such an ability to acknowledge, let alone openly express, one’s inner feelings is not without…complexity!” she further explained with her characteristic laugh.

The lyrics weave the line between the giving and receiving of the act. Countless poets in the Five Galaxies, as well as on Earth, have covered the subject over the ages. Interestingly, no conclusions have been reached, though the line “Love lives in rage” might not be an unfamiliar concept to many listeners.

Even though the Law Against Love was officially abolished many centuries ago, there remain those who would protest against the themes of this song. “There are even those in the metal community that would poo-poo this song’s lyrical approach as not metal,” sneered singer and guitarist Pskydin. “I invite those who wish to discuss this to approach me personally. Me, I support Va, and I would posit that it’s wise if you do too. Take it from experience,” he laughed. “Love lives across the galaxies!”