Man Of Steel To Feature Wonder Woman Cameo?

by Matt Joseph

Looks like things are in full swing over at Warner Brothers.

As the studio gets ready to release The Dark Knight Rises, their attention is now turning towards Man of Steel as well as their Justice League film.

Hoping to copy Marvel’s model, the studio is looking at how to establish their universe and if what we’re hearing is true, they may kick things off with a Wonder Woman cameo in Man Of Steel.

Now, before you get on your soapbox and start shouting out this ultra exciting news to anyone who will listen, read on.
This report is originating from Comic Book Movie, who claims that Warner Bros. is planning on announcing plans for their “universe” this month. The report goes onto say that the studio will use Man Of Steel to “drop hints that Superman is in a shared universe with his DC counterparts,” kind of like Marvel did.

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