Introducing “MARVEL TL;DR”

New weekly animated video series breaks down and summarizes some of Marvel’s most popular stories

New York, NY—November 11, 2016— Beginning today, Marvel will present fans an all-new weekly online video series devoted to offering fans quick downloads of some of Marvel’s greatest titles, events, and stories. MARVEL TL;DR is for the fan who hasn’t gotten the chance to dive into some of Marvel’s most epic collections, but is looking to remain current and up-to-date with the Marvel Universe.

Originally conceptualized by former Marvel intern, and current MARVEL TL;DR Writer/Director, Noah Sterling, each week Noah offers up an easily digestible summation of Marvel’s best tales.

“MARVEL TL;DR has been a long-time passion project that I started over a year ago as an intern at Marvel,” said Sterling. “Marvel stories and characters have always been a tremendous part of my life that has inspired my career as an artist and filmmaker. During my internship, I produced a short animated fan-video that provided a comedic explanation of the Infinity Gauntlet. This short caught the eye of Marvel’s Digital Media Group and they worked with me to develop this concept into a fully-realized web-series. Each episode is a love-letter to my favorite stories, and finally sharing it with millions of Marvel fans is a dream come true. My hope is that the series will introduce fans to new stories, and provide a jumping-off point for them to explore the vast Marvel catalog.”

Today, MARVEL TL;DR kicks-off with a summary of Marvel Comics’ Planet Hulk.

What the first episode of MARVEL TL;DR now!
Currently planned for 10 weekly episodes released every Friday, MARVEL TL;DR will recap Marvel Comics’ Civil War, Doctor Strange: The Oath, The Winter Soldier, Thor: Ragnarok, and more! So tune every week as MARVEL TL;DR speeds you through some of the biggest stories and events from the Marvel Universe faster than Quicksilver, Speed, and Whizzer racing around the globe.