Goyer Talks His “Man of Steel” Approach

By Garth Franklin

“Batman Begins” scribe David Goyer says his work on the script for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot “Man of Steel” shares a lot of parallels with his work on the Chris Nolan Batman trilogy.

BadTaste reports that Goyer spoke at Rome Fiction Fest this week and said what he and producer Chris Nolan are doing with “Man of Steel” is to try and “bring the same naturalistic approach that we adopted for the Batman trilogy. We always had a naturalistic approach, we want our stories to be rooted in reality, like they could happen in the same world we live in.”

He adds that this is much more of a challenge when you consider you’re dealing with an all powerful alien – “It’s not that easy with Superman, and actually this doesn’t necessarily mean we will make a dark movie. But working on this reboot we are thinking about what would happen if a story like this one actually happened. How would people react to this? What impact would the presence of Superman in the real world have? What I really like to do is write ‘genre’ stories without a cartoonish element.”

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