Comic Con : Man of Steel Teaser Trailer and New Poster!

By Olivia Marne

It’s official.
“Man of Steel” looks awesome – in fact, so awesome it’ll bring tears to your eyes… and it did.
Kleenex would’ve made a mint if they had been selling boxes of tissues at the “Man of Steel” panel today at Comic-Con.

Man of Steel - poster

Man of Steel - poster

The words spoken by director and star duo Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill, coupled with footage from the film that suggests the ‘Superman’ reboot will be 2013′s ‘Dark Knight’ of comic book movies, saw the eyes of many Superman fans swell up today.

As fun as “Superman Returns” (2006) was, “Man of Steel” looks to be the Superman epic that many have been waiting for. Profound, epic, topical, deep, moving, rousing and action-packed, it’s clearly a product of its producer, “Dark Knight” main-man Christopher Nolan, more so than its only-sometimes-successful director Zack Snyder (“300″, “Sucker Punch”, “Watchmen”). Proof lies within the teaser footage we were shown, which clearly shows we’re in for a much deeper, more emotional ‘Superman’ blockbuster than we’ve ever seen before – this won’t be just the story of a man who has the ability to magically punch threw walls, it’ll be the affecting story of an illegal alien trying to find his place in the world.. while staying one step ahead of an out-and-out psychopath.

Moments shown from the film, from a barn sequence where Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) shows young Clark the space-ship he crash-landed in, to Clark saving a bus-load of kids from drowning after the vehicle takes a dive into the wet (very ‘Smallville’, actually) and a frightening ‘Zod’, played by Michael Shannon, to an overlay of audio with such words as “My father was convinced that if the world knew who I really was, they would reject me”, hint at a very epic comic-book movie.

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