“Aquaman” Is Now The Biggest DCEU Film So Far

By Creative Media Times

Warner Bros. Pictures
DC Entertainment

Arthur Curry continue to make waves as it spends its third week at the top of the boxoffice, and crossing a few milestones along the way.

Grossing an estimated $30.7m this weekend for a total of nearly $260 million, the film has now surpassed the domestic total of Justice League’s $229m and is on track to swim past Man Of Steel’s $291m sometime next week.

Domestically, a likely finish above Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($330 million) and Suicide Squad ($325 million) is not out of the question.

Globally, the James Wan-directed superhero origin film crossed the $900m mark with Japan yet still to open in early February. In total, the film has now surpassed $940 million after adding $56.2 million from international grosses.

$681M of that came from outside of North America, putting the film above The Dark Knight Rises as the highest grossing DC film overseas ever.

All these numbers perfectly positions the film to cross the $1 billion gross sometime next weekend or a few days after that, making “Aquaman” the first film in the DC cinematic universe to achieve that milestone.