Apple’s Sept. 12 iPhone 5 event: What to expect

The date is set and expectations are high. What will emerge from next week’s event? Here’s what is likely, and what isn’t, about the new iPhone.

by Scott Stein

The wait is almost over.

Apple has officially announced a September 12 press event in San Francisco, confirming months of rumors. And the invitation (reproduced above) leaves little doubt that the event will be the rollout of the iPhone 5 (or whatever name Apple chooses for its sixth-generation iPhone).

Rarely has a product ever been so analyzed, so rumored, and so leaked as Apple’s next-gen phone. Not a day, or even an hour, goes by without a new picture of the rumored case, screen, connector jack, even headphones. Has all the excitement already been spilled, or is there something completely different yet to come? Here’s a rundown, all rumors aside, of what to expect.

The name: iPhone 5 or New iPhone?
If the name of the most recent iPad is any indication — “The New iPad” — that would be the easiest way to settle the naming convention for Apple’s next handset. Then again, look at the looming “5” in the invite photo above. Unlike last October’s iPhone event, where camps were split over whether there would be an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 (or both), this year it’s unanimous that the look and feel of the next iPhone will finally take the design and feature leap many expected in 2011.

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