Tapas Entertainment Launches The Rule of Fire, Debut Web Novel from JT Song

the-rule-of-fireLeading independent digital publisher of webcomics and web novels, Tapas Entertainment, announces the launch of the next great action-fantasy, The Rule of Fire, available TODAY, June 27 at 11:00 AM PST. Set in ancient Korea and modern-day urban United States, The Rule of Fire tells the story of a vengeful demon faced with an unexpected dilemma: take down the gods who condemned her to Hell for all of eternity…or build a new life on Earth with the help of a colorful cast of humans? The ongoing series will launch with chapter 1 today, chapters 2-50 arriving on Sunday, June 30 at 11:00 AM PST, and new chapters updating twice weekly on Sundays and Wednesdays at 9:00 AM PST. Link to The Rule of Fire.

Tapas has a rich history of success with action fantasy web novels including the #1 smash hit web novel AND webcomic The Beginning After the End (with over 25M views), the long-running, acclaimed Solo Leveling, and, most recently, I Made a Deal with the Devil.

“I have found that in order to explore deep truths about what it means to live as humans in this world, I’ve had to call on otherworldly monsters and superhuman heroes,” says creator JT Song. “That’s what The Rule of Fire is to me, a ‘true’ story about love and survival told through the medium of fantasy, with of course, as much action as I could pack in.”

The Rule of Fire follows the female protagonist, Sera, who after a thousand years spent fighting her way out of Hell, returns to Earth with a compulsion to hunt down other demons while hiding from the angelic Guardians. She never expected to find love among the humans. With danger trailing her very demon nature, Sera must make a decision: protect humanity from the wrath of gods and demons or grab her chance at happiness.

“JT Song has crafted a world where ancient myths collide with modern life, a story that is both thrilling and deeply resonant,” Alex R. Carr, Executive Director of Publishing Development for Tapas Entertainment. “The Rule of Fire is a perfect example of the innovative storytelling we champion at Tapas. We are excited to share Sera’s epic journey with our readers and introduce a new blockbuster Action Fantasy into the web novel pantheon.”

In The Rule of Fire, set in ancient Korea and modern-day urban America, the author can be seen as a child of immigrants laying claim to both his cultural heritage and his adopted home. Inspired by Korean manhwas and action films as well as American westerns and novels, JT Song weaves a tale that is pure fantasy yet somehow sings psychological truths.