Stage-centric Comedy “The Daphne Project” Debuts in Theatres in New York

Stage-centric comedy “The Daphne Project” debuts in theaters in New York starting in July 22nd ahead of Fuse+ release.

The film stars Daphne Wilco (Zora Iman Crews), actress and social justice warrior, hilariously wreaking havoc on an off-off Broadway production of Euripides’ “The Bacchae” in the name of progress, her progress.

Co-directed, written & produced by Alec Tibaldi (the critically acclaimed “Spiral Farm”) and Zora Iman Crews (Amazon Prime’s “Legend’s Of Sleepy Hollow Anthology”), this quick moving New York centric stage driven feature film invites comparisons to another critical favorite “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with its perfectly timed comedic gems. The Daphne Project,” a film festival circuit darling (including top Film Festival’s Geena Davis’s Bentonville Film Festival and St. Louis International Film Festival) will open in theatres beginning in New York with the Quad Cinema on July 22nd with the filmmakers in attendance for Q&A’s, ahead of its platform release through Fuse + later this year.

“The Daphne Project” engaging cast is led by stars Zora Iman Crews (Amazon Prime’s “Legend’s Of Sleepy Hollow Anthology”), Jake Horowitz (Amazon Studios’ “The Vast of Night”, Luca Guadagnino’s Bones and All), April Lavelle (HBO Max’s “The Flight Attendant”), Reed Lancaster (“Gold”), Geena Quintos, Annie-Sage Whitehurst (“Roadside Assistance”), Yael Rizowy (“Trying Hard”), Ed Norwood (“Spiral Farm”), Austin Letorney (“Magnolia Flowers”), Duncan Menaker (“Cilla”), and Piper De Palma (“Spiral Farm”).

The Daphne Project Teaser from Daphne Wilco on Vimeo.

“We are thrilled to be sharing this film with New York audiences, as it is a love letter to the city that raised and inspired us. We are also excited to be partnering with Fuse +, as part of their Filmmakers to Watch Series, who will stream the film to audiences around the world. We are endlessly grateful to our cast and crew for believing in this story and to the Bentonville Film Foundation for their support of this film. We hope audiences have as much fun watching it as we did making it!” state filmmakers Tibaldi and Crews.

Perfectly interwoven into this clever comedy are the filmmakers’ own experiences, Zora Iman Crews’ prolific classical stage work and the very real experience of being the only woman of color in a project, and Alec Tibaldi’s an emerging filmmaker tackling the ever-changing independent film world. “The Daphne Project” brings to life a story to teach each of us to stand up for ourselves, where otherwise we would be minimized and does so with wicked smarts and incredible humor. “The Daphne Project” is a New York story not to be missed on the big screen this summer.

“The Daphne Project” is co-directed, written & produced by Alec Tibaldi (the critically acclaimed “Spiral Farm”) and Zora Iman Crews (Amazon Prime’s “Legend’s Of Sleepy Hollow Anthology”); with cinematography by Karleah Del Moral (“TradeCraft”), and Ben Garst (”Back to the 80’s”); co-produced by Hani Saqr (”Black Coffee”), Dasha Khritankova (“Dream Café”), and Madeleine Tibaldi (“Spiral Farm”); with editing by Ilana Rozin (“Black Widow”), and Diana Tay (“PEN15”); and sound by Desta Wondirad.