Exclusive: ‘Man of Steel’ teaser trailer gives first glimpse of new Superman

By Matt McDaniel

If you have two fathers — one biological and one adopted — and if they both happen to be Oscar winners, they should both get a chance to offer you advice. Even if you are Superman.

The first teaser for “Man of Steel,” next summer’s new big-screen version of the DC Comics hero, is in theaters with “The Dark Knight Rises.” Though in a unique turn, there are two versions of the trailer, depending on which theater you’re in. Both trailers have the same images, but with different voice-overs. One (seen above exclusive here on Yahoo! Movies) features Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, the Earthling who took in the boy who fell from the sky and named him Clark. The other is spoken by Russell Crowe, who plays Superman’s Kryptonian father, Jor-El. Both actors, by some twist of fate, have played Robin Hood.

The footage in the teaser trailer is not really what one would expect from an action-packed superhero blockbuster. It starts with images of waves splashing against rocks, laundry drying in the breeze, and a seagull gliding. Then we see a bearded Clark Kent (played in this new film by British actor Henry Cavill) seemingly a long way from Smallville, Kansas as he works on a fishing boat.

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