Comic-Con Anonymous: Are Fanboys Still Worth the Time and Money?

An insider asks if the geek crowd is still the best audience on which to blow marketing budgets.

Here we go again, another July, another parade of movie stars and executives heading south to peddle their wares at Comic-Con. But before we all spend crazy money jetting in talent, booking lavish parties and crafting just the right teaser-trailer package, think for a moment: Is the Comic-Con crowd still the best audience on which to be blowing our marketing budget? A decade after Hall H became Hollywood’s must-stop venue on the path to the multiplex, what if Comic-Con is sort of over?

After all, many would argue that the people who attend every year would see a genre movie or superhero tentpole no matter what. And the rest of the moviegoing public increasingly doesn’t care much whether the fanboys love or hate something. Three words: Cowboys & Aliens. Last year’s toast of the Con flatlined at the box office.

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