Avengers assemble a private screening aboard the ISS

Putting the Hulk in a pressurized container in space isn’t a bad idea at all

Michael Gray

When The Avengers filmed scenes at NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio, we knew we were seeing a marriage made in heaven. A favorite comic book franchise teaming up with our beloved NASA? It seemed like the best of both worlds. Now Marvel is making good on that collaboration by providing a private screening of The Avengers to the International Space Station hovering over two hundreds of miles above Earth.

Marvel will provide The Avengers to Mission Control in Houston, which NASA will then uplink to the International Space Station. “These are the types of things that help to keep the crew connected to home, which is a huge morale boost while being away for long periods of time,“ said one of NASA’s psychological support coordinators. While thoughts of all that fictional destruction might not lift spirits, Tony’s trademark jokes will certainly do so.

The current crew of the ISS is made up of six people; we can’t help but notice that’s the same number of principal heroes in the Avengers. (That’d be Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, for those following along.) We can’t wait to hear how the crew would recast themselves as the Avengers in their own ISS version. Here’s hoping nothing delays the screening!

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