‘The Good Wife’ Leaves for Vacation

By Richard Lawson | The Atlantic Wire

The Good Wife (CBS)

The days grow longer and the weather (for the most part) warmer, and tomorrow is May, which means the sweet, sweet easy times of summer are soon upon us. This is, for the most part, great news. But there is one terrible thing happening as everything else gets good: TV shows are ending. Yes, network seasons are wrapping up, meaning soon there will be so little to watch. For example, The Good Wife, smart sudsy show that it is, ended its third season last night. We’re gonna miss it!

As we said a couple weeks ago, The Good Wife often gets ignored in the praise department in favor of all the fancy cable shows that also air on Sundays, but TGW is certainly at least better than The Killing and, at times, has the same workplace snap to it as many a Mad Men episode. Last night’s finale certainly thrummed with that same tense/exciting office intrigue, as Martha Plimpton and Michael J. Fox showed up again in their recurring lawyer-antagonist roles, threatening to bankrupt our heroes’ firm and salt the earth behind them. The sharkiness was cut with some absurdist sweetness, as Plimpton’s character’s baby was occasionally seen zipping around the office floor in a musical walker type thing. It was the kind of messy but specific detail (like Take Shelter playing on a television in another scene) that this show specializes in, never cloying or overused, just weird enough to ground the high-stakes situation in the human world.

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