Indie Film Legend Jeff Lipsky’s “Goldilocks and the Two Bears” To Make World Premiere

Goldilocks-and-the-Two-BearsJeff Lipsky’s Goldilocks and the Two Bears will debut and start its theatrical run where the majority of the film was shot: in Las Vegas/Summerlin. The screening will be both a homecoming and kickoff to a planned multi-city run throughout the U.S. this summer.

The film stars Claire Milligan, Bryan Mittelstadt and Serra Maiman. Lipsky also wrote the film.

“The movie’s title was a natural: this city is something out of a fairy tale, awash in dreams and nightmares, happy endings and aspirations, sometimes dashed in the twinkle of an eye. I’d seldom before been so juiced about finishing a script and getting a movie made as I was while living in the desert,” director Jeff Lipsky said.

“Against all odds I managed to amass an extraordinarily dedicated and talented local crew (save for two New Yorkers and two Californians), people who’d lived here their entire lives. Who knew? So it was that in late 2022 we all masked-up and determined to collaborate on what I believe could be my best film to date.”

Goldilocks and the Two Bears is the tale of two young people, hitchhiking and homeless travelers who’ve all but given up on futures that might have been glorious, who are discovered by another young woman on the run from her own demons, at an empty condo she is moving into. An unexpected relationship develops between the trio that brings with it both the promise of a fresh new start for each of them. However, the harrowing possibility of something darker looms.