Dark Sky Films’ Horror Comedy “BOOGER” Trailer Released

booger-horror-comedyDark Sky Films is set to release BOOGER to select theaters and digital/VOD on September 13th. BOOGER is the debut feature from writer-director Mary Dauterman and stars Strawberry Mansion’s Grace Glowicki.

It blends “body horror with comedy in a story of intense female friendship and its tragic loss, all backgrounded by a tale of supernatural transformation.”

The film follows New Yorker Anna (Grace Glowicki, Strawberry Mansion), who has just suffered the sudden and unexpected death of her best friend and roommate, Izzy (Sofia Dobrushin, Mean Girls 2024 ). She’s trying to handle this loss when Izzy’s cat, Booger, runs away. Anna goes on a desperate search to find him and in the process, she is bitten on the hand by the cat. She soon begins to take on feline characteristics. and her work life and relationship with her boyfriend start to go downhill.

The film also stars Garrick Bernard (Single Drunk Female), Marcia DeBonis (Sometimes I Think About Dying, 13 Going on 30), David Rysdahl (Oppenheimer, Fargo) and indie icon Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream 3).