“The Gracias” Announce Cast Members For First Season Coming To HBO Max

New Cadence Productions (NCP) announced today the cast line up for the re-boot of the hit series “The Brothers Garcia” called “The Garcias.”

The Garcias“The Garcias” cast includes original cast members Ada Maris as Sonia Garcia; Carlos LaCamara as Ray Garcia; Vaneza Pitynski as Lorena Garcia; Bobby Gonzalez as George Garcia; Alvin Alvarez as Larry Garcia and Jeffrey Licon as Carlos Garcia.

New cast members include Oliver Alexander as Max Garcia; Nitzia Chama as Ana Garcia; Maeve Garay as Victoria Garcia; Elsha Kim as Yunjin Huh Garcia; Ayva Severy as Andrea Huh Garcia; and Trinity Jo-Li Bliss as Alexa Huh Garcia.

“The Garcias” is currently in production in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, in and around the town of Puerto Aventuras. It is a slice of life of an American family that just happens to be Latino. By shooting the show in San Antonio, Texas and Mexico, the series juxtaposes an American Latino family in Mexico.

“We are really excited with our large cast,” said NCP Partner and show creator Jeff Valdez “They truly reflect America as it looks today. The stories and characters are not cookie cutter stereotypes. Since the show is serialized, audiences will be able to follow and embrace the fun and complex characters in our slice of life show. We posted the new cast members’ final auditions on our Instagram page @thegarciatstv and it’s really moving to see the emotional moment we captured when an actor gets the role.”

“The Garcias” is slated to come to HBO Max later this year.