SFFILM Announces Full Lineup for the 67th San Francisco International Film Festival

sffilmToday, SFFILM  announced the full lineup for the 67th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFILM Festival), the longest running film festival in the Americas.

This year’s program, curated from nearly 5,000 submissions and invitations, will screen exclusively in theaters in San Francisco’s Marina and Presidio neighborhoods, and in Berkeley from April 24–28. A selection of titles, curated from the full festival, will be presented from May 2–4 as SFFILM Festival Encore Days at the historic Roxie Theater.

“We have been boldly imagining a future where the San Francisco Bay Area is thriving in its celebration of and engagement with the arts and community,”  said Anne Lai, Executive Director of SFFILM. “Film—always a reflection of and beacon for society—remains the gateway to a vibrant, healthy future of our culture and city.

This year’s Festival brings the pleasure of movie-going to a footprint highlighting San Francisco’s unparalleled and iconic beauty. We look forward to welcoming guests to be inspired, entertained, and connected in the way only movies can do.”

SFFILM’s Director of Programming Jessie Fairbanks expanded on what audiences can expect to see on screen. “The cornerstone of this year’s program is the considered, international curation we are known for,” she said. “We have put together a group of films that is global in scope, artistry, and impact, and includes discovery titles, hotly anticipated films, and powerhouse shorts blocks. Now more than ever we need the art of cinema—to entertain, to provoke, to question and to inspire—and each film in this lineup is richly deserving of our attention.”