PlayStation 5 will reportedly be hard to find after it launches later this year, and it could cost as much as $550

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 gamepad, the DualSense. Sony

This holiday season, next-generation game consoles from both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are expected.

Though we’ve seen parts of both consoles, and know plenty of details about both, one major question remains: How much?

In the case of the PlayStation 5, consumers could be looking at a price in the $500 to $550 range, according to a new Bloomberg report.

That unusually high price — $100 more than the launch price of the PlayStation 4 — is reportedly due to the console’s “ambitious specs,” which are driving Sony’s decision to price the console higher than in its previous generation. As a result, Sony is said to be producing fewer launch PS5 consoles than it has in prior generations as the company anticipates lower consumer demand due to the high price.

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