Coachella 2017 Review: Week 1

By Melgie Claire

The Lemon twigs are not old enough to be in the beer gardens Coachella, but someone should get sneaking what they want for their gift for serving the rock and roll retro-tastic with pop buttons Baroque and glam on Friday that the festival started.

Todd Rundgren joined them for their final number at the Gobi tent be aligned with respect to the Brian and Michael D’Addario artists who were inspired by the Rundgren to the Ramones, Paul McCartney to Queen.

In songs like “These words” and “Haroomata” the brothers and two other band mates – high school friends in Long Island, New York – showed soft harmonies, crunchy riffs and compositions developed as three minutes pop symphony.

Saxophones, trumpets and trombones, piano, bass and drums, the classic group did a while feeling well and need to show the festival organizers that there is no limit on the types that they can work here, however, there is no limit at least if you have such a strong groove as these cats.

On Friday night, things started well enough with Daydreaming, just another world single from A Moon Shaped Pool. This was followed by another new song, Desert Island Disk, that was good, and the audience warms up after doing a little dark start.

The problems started when the band played full stop, with a distorted bass line of the song that seems to be too much for the speakers to treat. At first, the PA system issued a series of beeps and bumps before louder sound saw it go out fully, while the group kept playing obviously not aware that half of the crowd could not hear them.

Thom Yorke attributed to “fucking aliens”, but problems remain. After OK Computer opener airbag, the band entered into 15 step. After a minute record, the sound completely died again. This time, the audience responded with a wave of applause that grew until the song ended and the band left the stage with Ed O’Brien saying they’ll be back.

Five minutes later, they launched the National Anthem. And that was followed by a letdown when the band had to leave the stage again because the sound cut off. There was a small amount of applause, but the strong gasp as any flow in the play was lost. Changing the mood was captured by O’Brien, who was walking with his hands as if in prayer, or maybe asking for forgiveness.

The sweet atmosphere of Father John Misty on the main stage is very good, as the sun slips behind the mountains, palm trees lining the horizon silhouettes against the darker golden color.

No matter that there is not a very large crowd for the good Father, who is actually more in the day when crowds suddenly can change tent to overflow. I tell you what Banks was like, for example, but could not be within 100 feet of Gobi tent where she presented to a full house.
But Father John Misty is fine for now. He is singing “When The God of Love Returns There’ll Be Hell To Pay”.

Sampha, the singer, and producer who has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Drake, attracted a large contingent of his group in the Mojave tent. By himself, he sings a downtempo R&B with electronic accents. “Prayer Timmy” was the first peak.

In addition to The Gobi, Raury, 20-year-old rapper who launched a little funk, rock, soul into his hip-hop mixer, had much more energy than Sampha on the show. Maybe it was his three bikini singers of the 70s and bell bottoms, or maybe it was when before playing ‘Crystal Express’, he asked everyone to give a hug to their neighbor, but his game is more cheerful.

Saturday 15/04/2017

Bon Iver sings “Creeks” on the main stage, multi-channel echo and voice processing in the dark Coachella after 9 p.m. on Saturday.
It is a calm but strong sound the group led by Justin Vernon makes and this is a good place to catch your breath and think about many different things, interesting, fresh and unusual that we have seen and heard since our last decision about the music on Coachella day 2 in 2017.

Let’s start with the Thundercat, passed its stone fusion jazz virtuoso atmosphere meets yacht rock vibe in the Mojave tent late in the afternoon. He is a strange guy – who appears on a piece of wolf fur and white Birkenstock – and opening a brand with one of the few songs that he wrote about his cat.

Seriously, “Tron Song” includes the refrain: “Don’t You Know You Rock My World? / Don’t you ever leave me, Turbo Tron,” Turbo Tron being his cat.
His latest album, “Drunk” includes contributions from the rock melodic singer such as Michael McDonald of the Doobie Brothers and Kenny Loggins – and it is little more than a year the bassist was an essential part of Kendrick Lamar record, the album “To Pimp A Butterfly”.
And McDonald’s, of course, was invited on three songs, including “Show You The Way” from “Drunk” and the Doobies classic “What A Fool Believes” and it was honestly one of the best times of the day.

In addition to the outside and the main stage, two counts of Indie Rock from the UK are unusually aligned against each other, despite the fact that their fan base probably moves a little. Bastille, who had more commercial success through constant KROQ play, had a great soft crowd in front of the open stage, while the Northern Ireland’s Two Door Cinema Club played the same on the main stage.

Irish singer Roisin Murphy could fill half of the Gobi tent but brought all her costumes, hats and unusual stage props for her for a system that mixes house music in beautifully structured songs. In songs like “Glass House” and “Exploitation”, she sings while she changed clothes – a scarlet feather cloth came on and off and feather cloak off the same hue enveloped her face, then all came off almost immediately.
Dreamcar, a new group formed by three guys No Doubt and singer Davey Havok of AFI, followed her on the stage Gobi. Their original bands are certainly a big draw, but regardless of the relative novelty of this group, the big draw of Future on the main stage or some other reasons, Dreamcar barely filled half of the Gobi stage.
The Future play, meanwhile, also has a redemptive return for Drake, whose soul show two years before now went flat, perhaps only memory for malicious and unwanted two years kiss Madonna gave Drake when she appeared as a guest. Here, energy was a lot better and clearly expected charisma of Drake on the screen.

Bon Iver will soon complete his time now. Highlights include “29 #Strafford APTS” the beauty of the melody, and “Minnesota WI” and “45”.
Earlier in the day, in the shadow of the Coachella tents, two young Buzzworthy artist made most of their debut in the desert on Saturday, thrilling their fans.
Mitski Miyawaka, who is called by just her first name is a 26 years old singer and songwriter, whose words feels very personal to her own life and universally equal.
Playing as a trio early in the Gobi tent on Saturday has attracted a small but passionate crowd that hangs on her every word, the delicateness of the lyrics contrast against the aggressive and loud indie rock of her and her group.

The song “Townie” offers typical confession, singing: “And I want a love that falls as fast / As a body from a balcony, and / I want a kiss like my heart is hitting the ground.”
Other highlights included the numbers with a strange title like “I Bet On Losing Dogs” and “My Body’s Made Of Crushed Little Stars.”
“My name is Mitski spelled ‘M-I-T ski’ just like the MIT ski team which comes up before me in Google search,” she said earlier in her set. “But not anymore, thank the lord!”

Later, in addition, in the Mojave tent, Car Seat Headrest gave its own personal stories of rock and roll, songs of Will Toledo solving problems and fighting for life as a 24 years old young man.
Opening with “Vincent”, a portrait of the artist as a clinically depressed man, “Fill In The Blank” another number that tries to be so down, you think that Car Seat Headrest will come out a total disappointment. But the music has that sense of survival to challenge the best of rock and roll can offer, and that all developed songs became more hope that things can work in the end.
As Mitski, some of the songs came with some strange names, including “Destroyed By Hippie Powers” and truly exalted in name, words, and music “Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales.”
Banks and Steelz, the duo of Paul Banks of Interpol and RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, introduced Bishop Briggs to sing “Wild season”, a song in which Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine voice contributed originally.
Briggs was available for first place in the open-air stage because his set was originally scheduled for Saturday has been moved to Sunday night.

Sarah Barthel of Phantogram in the meantime already presented on Friday, but wanted to join the local natives perform “Dark Days” during the main stage.
Local natives said that they are truly local – “We grew up here, hiding as children,” said singer Taylor Rice of the Coachella root zone of southern California. They had a good crowd happy and dancing, for a performance that included a new and optimistic “Fountain of Youth” and ending with the oldest track “Sun Hands”.

Sunday 16/04/2017

Hans Zimmer is the least expected of the Coachella festival of music and art stars, but the prolific film composer gave one of the highlights of this weekend, when, he and maybe 60 musicians took on the outdoor stage for an hour on Sunday night.

It helps, of course, Zimmer wrote a brand ton of films that have influenced the lives of festival lovers of all ages. When it came after the first series of musical films “Pirates of the Caribbean” he launched into music from “The Lion King” in the excitement of the crowd was palpable. It’s a big part of his childhood there, after all.

And it is very well done, too. Besides the musicians playing traditional rock instruments such as electric guitars and basses, he had a full set of horns, wood and several percussionists, strings, a choir of 16 people – regardless.

Add to that the singer, including Lebohang “Lebo M.” Morake, who sang the original song “The Lion King” and you had magic.

“When you go to see a play, it’s an actor, but this is a real Lion King,” said Zimmer.
Apart from these two films, the program includes music from “Gladiator,” “The Dark Knight” trilogy and “Inception”. Oh, and a small surprise guest in the form of Pharrell Williams has the song “Freedom” from the soundtrack to the recent “Hidden Figures”.

The only negative is not using large screens on the sides of the stage to show Zimmer and the musicians. It’s likely choice to enhance visual images created for the show lighting designer of Pink Floyd but as big as this area means that most fans never saw the faces of those who was making the music.

“Special mad Spirit is required to bring the orchestra in the desert,” said Zimmer early in the set. “But here we have to do it. ”Other highlights eve of the tour includes Lorde’s on the main stage before headliner Kendrick Lamar. The singer of 20 years of New Zealand played hits from her first album like “Royals” and “Tennis Court” before the final number, as well as strong songs like “Buzzcut Season” and “Ribs.

“Her staging is reminiscent of Sia’s a year earlier, with a transparent box size cargo container filled with dance performance artists and acting all angst electro-pop songs. And as the night before Lady Gaga debuted a new song, “Homemade Dynamite”, which will appear in its forthcoming sophomore “Melodrama” in June.

Shortly before Lorde and Zimmer, the group became passionate future Sunset Island on the open stage. The singer Samuel Herring is one of the most intense physical and artists from around the world, singing with a guttural growl and aggressively beating the air running from side to side of the stage.

What is strange fascinating music because other members of the group can easily play electronic rock act New Wave like New Order, her sweet synthesized melodies where Herring is difficult. “Seasons (Waiting in You)” and “Long Flight” are two of the highlights here.
The singer-songwriter Jack Garratt, meanwhile, was incredibly good in the Gobi tent who rode with Future Islands. His poems inspired trip hop are even more impressive when you see it live and realize that he does everything himself. Keyboard and computer to his left, full of drums in front of him, and sometimes electric guitars, switches between the two, sometimes playing a variety of art with different hands simultaneously while singing. Seriously talented.

Toots and the Maytals, iconic act of reggae in Jamaica, singing “Time Tough” on the main stage, repeating its refrain of “Higher and Higher”, although judging by the clouds from the crowd the fans needed not a reminder.

Now on Sunday in Coachella, slow day desert festival and smooth, while through the village, and attendance is light, most people sleep on the effects of too much and not enough on Friday and Saturday.

Mojave tent began about 2.p.m. with preoccupation, a post-punk band with lyrical landscape and perfect industrial routine for post-apocalyptic Easter lunch. After a few songs, but it was too dark for a sunny afternoon on moseyed more on Gobi tent.

Where we found a courtesy Pond gently psychedelic rock in the Australian group including Jay “Gumby” Watson of Tame Impala, and sometimes shared by most members of these two acts to and fro. Songs like “Giant Tortoise” like a Technicolor dream in a secluded beach, slim and carefree.

At 3.p.m., we were ready to face the heat from the outside air and the main scenario, the first stop on the outside, where Ezra Furman, identified as a kind of fluid, played their trademark rowdy punk-rock to a small but enthusiastic bunch. “Lousy Connection” was a highlight, as “Body Was Made” a song that Furman presented as for “Queers in trouble.”

The main stage at the same time had the soul of the old school Lee Fields and Expressions, arrays, elegant man in a light blue suit, his tight uniform group in what looked like snakeskin print tuxedos. “Honey Dove”, which closed the whole was a particularly nice groove.
To the outdoor where Whitney Group served a nice cozy atmosphere, rock has gone through nearly 70 years with the soul. Drummer Julien Ehrlich is the singer and his falsetto number is soft and soulful as the “Golden Days” and “You’ve Got A Woman,” half the cover 70 of the Dutch band Lion, a pleasure.

Now, Toots Hibbert, reggae legend with 74 years Maytals has done as much as anyone not named Bob Marley seeing reggae music spread all over the world in the last 50 years. Since he began writing this update he has played several of his greatest hits, including “Funky Kingston” and “Monkey Man”, and the audience is dancing up a storm as he ends.