Black-ish Spin off Series Grown-ish set to Premiere Early 2018

By Cameron Pridmore


The winter television line up just keeps getting better and better, a new spin off series is set to premiere in the first half of 2018. ABC has ordered 13 episodes of “grown-ish” which is a spin off of the smash hit black-ish starring Anthony Anderson. This new series is going to feature Yara Shahidi reprising her role as Zoey Johnson, this time experience college life without her parents. The show will take place in current setting, where Zoey has gone off on her own to college and must now adapt to a different kind of life. The show which is going to feature an entirely new cast, looks to focus on some of the tougher issues that are facing young college students today but with a comedic take.

While it is still unknown yet what part Anthony Anderson will play in this new series, we can rest be assured that he will at least make a few cameo appearances. The original series Black-ish which premiered in 2014, quickly became a smash hit already lasting four seasons and going strong. The series which is known for tackling the tough issues of race and family in America, while adding a comedic kick to it. The show has won countless awards, and the new spin off series hopes to ride this wave. Obviously with all that has gone on so far, the plot line seems juicy enough. Zoey had already been fighting with her dad about religion and other topics, building up to the premiere of this series, so we can only wonder what she will do while on her own.

Grown-ish will still be written by Kenya Barris, and most likely will carry on Anderson as the executive producer still. The show might not be as hard edged race wise as black-ish in terms of tackling topics, but you can expect it will be tackling many of the topics that are facing college students today. The series which is being picked up by the same network will actually be airing on Freeform, which is a sister network to ABC. Thus, the series probably will not be getting a mainstream spot as of yet, you can only imagine that Anderson does not want to jeopardize the current wave of success that Black-ish is experiencing.

The new series which was originally penned College-ish has been in pre-production talks since last year, but it is just now getting the green light for production. While a steady release date has not been disclosed yet, you can expect to see Grown-ish on TV anytime around January or February. The 13 episodes were ordered with a 2018 expectation, so there is not but exciting building for the start of the 2018 television season already.