HBO’s Miniseries Teaser Trailer For “The Regime” Released

Winslet-The-Regime“An authoritarian regime is about to unravel. Follows a story of one year within the walls of its palace,” says the synopsis for The Regime, starring Oscar and Emmy winner Kate Winslet.

The trailer for the upcoming miniseries from HBO has been released, which sees Winslet as the Chancellor of a authoritarian government in turmoil.

“You’re here because you’re a nobody. You’re not anybody,” Winslet say. “And that means I can trust you.”

The Regime is set for release on March 03, 2024

Along with Winslet, the cast also includes Vinodini Patel, Andrea Riseborough, Guillaume Gallienne, Donald Sage Mackay, Louie Mynett.

Winslet also produced the miniseries, along with Frank Rich and Tracey Seaward.

Here is the official trailer for The Regime: