WW2 Drama, REVEILLE Set On Demand Release

Written and Directed by Michael Akkerman, and starring Kevin Sinic, Bernd Wittneben, Yony Marian, Jared Becker,
Joe Bongiovanni, Jake Powers, and Maxwell David Marcus, the WW2 drama is set for release on demand on Friday, August 4, 2023.

Set amidst the treacherous Winter Line in central Italy during the mid stages of World War II, REVEILLE is a gripping war drama that takes audiences on a visceral journey where nationality and allegiance blur, and the rules of war are tested like never before.

As German soldiers patrol the rugged Apennine mountains, an intense skirmish with Americans ignites a chain of events, leaving wounded soldiers from both factions seeking refuge in a nearby cave. Inside the cavernous sanctuary the harsh realities of war converge, authority and morality collide, and soldiers are confronted with unimaginable choices in the face of war’s unrelenting brutality.

Using archival documents and interviewing family members of soldiers who had survived the second world war, writer and director Michael Akkerman unapologetically peels back the layers of wartime fiction and exposes the raw essence of human struggle. Inspired by true events, REVEILLE captures a historically accurate depiction of WWII, the unspeakable choices soldiers face, and the unimaginable impact war leaves upon their souls.

REVEILLE is written and directed by Michael Akkerman. Cinematography by Cooper Shine. Produced by Footsteps Researchers, Film Farm Iowa, and Mike’s Militaria. Executive Produced by Myra Miller PhD, Jorg Rochlizter, Mike Burch, and Bernd Wittneben. Edited by Nathan Frankoff.