This exists: ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ the Magazine

by Tara Fowler

There are sex workshops. There is lingerie. There are even baby clothes and beer cozies. But just when you thought the Fifty Shades of Grey craze couldn’t go any further, it did.

There is now an entire magazine dedicated to E L James’ erotic novel. Yes, you read that right. An entire magazine (whose cover looks suspiciously familiar).

Fifty Shades Of American Women Who Love The Book And Live The Life, which was published on Tuesday, boldly proclaims that it features 80 pages of sex secrets. (Apparently, it’s Cosmo on steroids.) It also offers Fifty Shades-based scavenger hunts, Christian Grey-inspired cocktails and even a story about a sex whisperer who says she uses “her body to fix broken men like Christian Grey.”
What looks most interesting to me, however, is the Fifty Shades of Grey quiz that determines exactly which shade of grey you are. I am curious to see if they can actually name fifty shades of grey.

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