Review: Young Dolph Feat. Gucci Mane ‘That’s how I feel’

By Nicole Patrice

Young Dolph has been very productive this year, releasing his promotional single “That’s how I feel” on March 10th and his second studio album “ Bulletproof” on April 1st.

Dolph’s latest song was a response to the shooting of his SUV on February 25th in Charlotte, North Carolina. The rapper was shot at about 100 times and graciously lived to speak about it. Because of the incident, Dolph is inspired to make innovating tracks and spread the word about his luck.

In the ‘That’s how I feel’ music video, Dolph and Gucci Mane dressed rather casually sitting at a dinner table surrounded by ladies. The video seems to have taken place at a cabin, equipped with champagne, expensive furniture and high class catering. He opened by saying “For a hunnid shots, I heard you paid a hunnid stacks / Hope you got your receipt, go and get yo 100 back.” The verse was allegedly a response to his rivals. Gucci Mane’s verse blended wonderfully, speaking about the good life and living lavish, adding the finishing touches to a great track.

Overall, the song and video was hot; The words was catchy, the beat was crunk and Gucci topped it off. Once the beat comes on, listeners will get hype.