A Reboot Of “Final Destination” In The Works

By Creative Media Times

Even Death Gets A Reboot. After a seven year absence, the Final Destination franchise is coming back in the form of a reboot with “Saw” writers penning the script, according to Hollywood Reporter.

The upcoming “re-imagining” is said to enlist writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan to work on the script. Apart from writing Saw film, the two also collaborated in the home invasion horror thriller “The Collector” which Dunstan directed.

There are currently five films in the horror film franchise. The original was released in March 2000. Although that was met with mixed reviews, the film was a surprise hit for New Line Cinema and gained a cult following.

The fifth and final film in the series however was better received. Released in 2011, the film grossed $156 million at the global boxoffice.

With the resurgent of the horror genre lately, it is somewhat not a surprise that Final Destination wants a piece of the action. In total, the series has grossed $665 million worldwide.

The film franchise separates itself from other horror films in that the killer, Death (or The Grim Reaper) is supernatural in nature and is not seen, but rather makes its presence felt in the supposed accidents and situations wherein characters meet their demise.