Paul Walker’s “Fast and Furious 4″ car for sale at $1.4 million

By Armando

Paul Walker’s “Fast and Furious 4″ Nissan GT-R for sale at $1.4 million

A few years ago Steve McQueen’s GT40 fetched for $11 million on a Pebble Beach Auction block, becoming the most expensive American car ever sold. Following the unexpected death of Paul Walker, the tradition of collecting celebrity vehicles is back in business.

Check out the car here:

The car in the ad is allegedly the same one used by Paul Walker’s character in Fast and the Furious franchise, a Nissan Skyline GT-R of the R34 which appeared in the fourth film. Apparently, the car was seized by the US government a few months ago, along with many other cars, due to auto safety and emission rules non-compliance.

So how did it end up being in Germany?

A few months ago, a German car magazine posted a review of the car, wherein the owner also reveals its in his possession and has on sale for 300,00 euros (around $400k). Within the last few days, another ad for the car has come up, only this time with a new price: 1 million euros (approximately $1,373,000).

It is kind of creepy when someone cashes in on a former celebrity ownership. But in this day and age, we all know it won’t be the last.