James Wan To Work On “Tommyknockers” Film

By Creative Media Times


After last year’s hugely successful supernatural horror film “It”, Stephen King adaptations are a hot commodity again once again. This time, its “The Tommyknockers” that’s getting a big screen adaptation, with James Wan getting involved according to Hollywood Reporter alongside Roy Lee and Larry Sanitsky.

The trio seem like a perfect match. James Wan is a driving force behind the Conjuring franchise, Roy Lee produced King’s blockbuster “It” film, and Sanitsky executive produced “The Tommyknockers” two part television mini-series which broadcast on ABC in 1993.

But with King’s name attached, the novel’s popularity can stand on it’s own. Tommyknockers is an international hardcover best-seller, outselling even some of King’s bibliography such as The Shining and Carrie. That said, the author was not very fond of the book, at one point calling it “awful” during an interview with Rolling Stone magazine decades after its release.

Published in 1987, The Tommyknockers follows the story of a small town in Maine, where a dangerous gas emits from a spaceship uncovered in the woods. The gas transforms the town’s residents except for one man who is immune to it’s effects.

James wan is currently directing Aquaman, the sixth installment in the DC Extended Universe, set for release later this year.