Instagram: “Something went wrong. Please try again later”

Instagram is a very popular social media app used by millions worldwide. But it is still vulnerable to bugs and issues which many users face often.

One such issue is receiving the message “”Something went wrong. Please try again later” whenever you tag someone or use the hashtag. Whenever this happens, the user have no choice but to remove the tag and hashtag.

However, there are a few things which users can do to resolve it. Although this is not a bulletproof solution, some of these have been proven to work.

Check Or Reset Your Network Connection

A very common source of the issue is bad connectivity. Often, all you need to do is reset your wi-fi connection, or check your network speed. You can also try removing anything that is situated between your device and your router, or moving closer to it. Resetting both devices (your phone, laptop or computer where you access instagram, and the router) may also work.

You Can’t Edit Because The Post May Be Boosted At That Moment

Needless to say, posts that are in the status of “boosted” cannot be edited. Instagram installed in some devices does not inform this to the user. In some macbook versions of Instagram for example, the user is still allowed to edit and tag, only to find out that the tag does not work. On a galaxy tablet however, a message will appear: “You can’t edit this post because the post is boosted as an ad”, or something similar.

Reinstall Instagram

This may be extreme and also inconvenient, but in some cases, all you have to do is reinstall the app. This then cleans out all the app settings on your device and login as if its your first login session. This often also helps resolve some of the app slowness and sluggish features you may be experiencing.

Clear Your Cache Or Switch Devices

Using another device quickly rules out some of the issues you may be facing. Switching to another device, and it still doesn’t work means the issue is related to your instagram account specifically, not on the device nor connectivity. Try clearing your cache as well on the same device as its most likely accumulated a lot of cache files that needs to be cleared out of the device.