Heist Drama “MIDAS” Trailer

midasIn “Midas”, a charismatic college dropout, after a major health insurer denies his mom coverage, recruits his two best friends to steal the money they need. During their heist, they uncover a scheme that tests the limits of their greed.

Starring Laquan Copeland, Preet Kaur, Frederico Parra, Lucy Powers, Erik Bloomquist, and Bob Gallagher, “MIDAS” is written, directed, and produced by TJ Noel-Sullivan, from producers by Kristina Cuello and Erik Bloomquist. The film features original music by ‘Anoyd’.

It is set to screen in theaters on June 28, 2024

“With MIDAS, we set out to create a heist film for a new generation. Entertainment Squad’s commitment to bold storytelling made them the perfect partner to bring this electrifying vision to audiences,” said director TJ Noel-Sullivan.

Entertainment Squad CEO Shaked Berenson added, “MIDAS combines thrilling heist action with a sharp critique of health insurance injustices, making it a must-watch for those who appreciate films that entertain and challenge the status quo.”