Fox launches Digital HD for early access to latest releases

The company says that its new titles will be available for streaming or digital download before they come out on Blu-ray or DVD.

by Don Reisinger

Twentieth Century Fox has announced a new way for customers to get their hands on its latest films.

Dubbed Digital HD, the new initiative is designed to allow consumers to stream or download the company’s films from a host of services before they come out on Blu-ray or DVD. To make good on that promise, Fox announced today that the sci-fi film “Prometheus” is now available for download. The film will come to Blu-ray, DVD, and video-on-demand three weeks from now.

According to Fox, it’ll continue to offer its latest releases digitally weeks before they’re made available in traditional formats. However, the company today also announced the launch of over 600 already available films through Digital HD to get its service up and running.

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