Eerie Trailer for Horror Film “Dancing Village: The Curse Begins” Released

Dancing-Village--The-Curse-Begins.jpgLionsgate has revealed an official US trailer for horror thriller from Indonesia titled Dancing Village: The Curse Begins,

It is Directed by Indonesian filmmaker Kimo Stamboel (Macabre, Headshot, The Queen of Black Magic). The screenplay for Dancing Village is by Lele Laila and is produced by Manoj Punjabi.

“The village still holds many mysteries”, says the film’s synopsis. “Piece by piece of mystery is revealed, including the terror of the most feared entity, namely, Badarawuhi.”

The movie stars Maudy Effrosina, Aulia Sarah, Jourdy Pranata, Ardit Erwandha, Moh Iqbal Sulaiman, Claresta Taufan Kusumarina, Aming Sugandhi, Dinda Kanyadewi, Pipien Putri, Zainal Abidin Zetta

Lionsgate is set to release “Dancing Village: The Curse Begins” in select US theaters on April 26, 2024.